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Why creep feed your calves?
Studies show that creep feeding is one of the most economic ways to add 80 to 100 pounds to the weaning weights of calves. Calves that experience creep feeding usually suffer less setback at weaning and adapt to feedlot rations quicker than calves which aren’t fed a grain based creep feed.

Benefits of Creep Feeding

Here are some of the benefits for creep feeding:

  1. Improved Growth Rates: Creep feeding allows calves to consume additional nutrients beyond what they can obtain from their dams’ milk alone. This can lead to improved growth rates, helping calves reach target weights more quickly.
  2. Early Weaning: By providing creep feed, calves can start to transition to solid feed earlier, which can facilitate earlier weaning. This can be advantageous for several reasons, including reducing pressure on the cow’s body, allowing her to regain condition more quickly for rebreeding, and potentially improving overall herd management.
  3. Nutritional Support: Creep feed is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing calves, providing essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals. This ensures that calves have access to a balanced diet, promoting optimal growth and development.
  4. Reduced Competition: In situations where there are multiple calves nursing from the same dam, creep feeding can help reduce competition for milk. This ensures that all calves have access to sufficient nutrition, regardless of their position in the social hierarchy.
  5. Less Stress at Weaning: Calves that have been creep fed and are accustomed to consuming solid feed are likely to experience less stress at the time of weaning. This can result in smoother transitions and reduced risk of health issues associated with weaning stress.
  6. Enhanced Performance: Research has shown that creep-fed calves often have improved performance characteristics, including higher weaning weights, better feed conversion efficiency, and enhanced overall health and vigor.
  7. Flexibility in Feeding Management: Creep feeding provides producers with greater flexibility in managing their calf-rearing program. It allows for customization of feeding strategies based on factors such as calf growth rates, forage availability, and market conditions.

Overall, creep feeding calves can be a valuable management tool for producers looking to optimize calf growth, improve herd performance, and enhance overall profitability.