Lakeland Ambassadors

Hear what our Lakeland Ambassadors have to say  

Don’t take it from us. Hear what Lakeland Ambassadors have to say about their Lakeland products. They’ll give you the rundown on everything from how they use their equipment, to the delivery of the product, to the experience they had dealing with Lakeland.

Cattle Handling Ambassador Videos

Straight Pipe Acres (Cattle Handling System)

Farmer Tyler Ranch (Cattle Handling Equipment)

Greg Judy Regenerative Rancher (Lakeland Head Catch Chute)
Straight Pipe Acres (Half Circle Calving Station)

Straight Pipe Acres (Cattle Handling System)

Greg Judy Regenerative Rancher (Lakeland Easy Catch Squeeze Chute)

Country View Acres (Lakeland Easy Catch Squeeze Chute)

Sheep & Goat Equipment Ambassador Videos

The Shepherdess (Sheep and Goat Handling System)

 Sandi Brock (Deluxe Spin Trim Chute)

Arms Family Homestead (Spin Trim Chute + Lakeland Easy Panels)

Circle P Farm (Spin Trim Chute)

Circle P Farm (Easy Panels and Handling Equipment)

Cylon Rolling Acres (Bale Feeders for Goats)

 Sandi Brock (Easy Klamp)

McFall Farms (Deluxe Spin Trim Chute)

Circle P Farm (Working Chute and Crowding Tub + Easy Panels)

Still Waters Farm (Sheep Handling Equipment)