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Calf Tip Table

(22 customer reviews)



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  • Automatic Self catch headgate-Fully adjustable
  • Spins/tilts over left or right for easy access and doesn’t matter how your operation is set up!
  • Locking points – whichever is best for you – foot pedal on BOTH sides
  • Makes double sided branding possible & easy
  • Fully adjustable to handle calves from 250 lbs to 450 lbs
  • Both sides squeeze in for better, faster clamping
  • 4 drop down inspection gates each side–when all gates are open gives 16″ high x 52″ wide of space to work.
  • Lower flip up panel both sides for easy access to hooves–bottom access door gives 20″ high space x 52″ wide.
  • Lockable rolling door on back end
  • Fork Pockets on bottom frame for easy moving
  • Weight of unit: 750lbs

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…received delivery last week – on time, unscathed, & a good driver – that means a lot – thanks! – AB

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Product Reviews

22 reviews for Calf Tip Table

  1. BC Rancher

    works really good – stopped lending it out though as it has hard time coming back 🙂

  2. Craig J – MT

    Works well for me because it tips both ways and I brand both sides

  3. Rob MacN – SK

    smoothest delivery ever – used a few times – def best for 200-400lbs – works really well

  4. Leif D. – Lloydminster, AB

    It is the best calf table I have used in my life and have used quite a few of them. After running 500 calves through, it was sure a body saver!

  5. CH-clayton, NM, USA

    The table has worked great used it two seasons now just finished our last set of calves saturday. Everything has worked very good.

  6. Claire – KS

    Ordered online – got delivery – it’s very good – we like it!

  7. Jamie W – WA

    the thing is slick!

  8. LG – Fort St J BC

    Very good calf table. The neighbours just won’t bring it back!

  9. Giblett- SK

    works really good

  10. Lisa C – AB

    Took to neighbours to help them run 250. It was amazing – they were just amazed. The auto catch headgate just saved our bacon every time!

  11. Rod Will – SK

    awesome – using it tomorrow – will sell them to anyone – anyone who comes along I show it to

  12. Shane S – AB

    we’re pretty pumped – banged 280 head through yesterday and it was awesome. The headgate never misses and I have some pretty ranchy calves – neighbours with the manual you’d have a real mess

  13. Rod W – Crane Valley SK

    Awesome. Will sell them to anyone – anyone who comes along I show it to

  14. L.Giesbrect – BC

    So good the neighbours are borrowing it all the time!

  15. E Poleg – AB

    Works perfect as does the squeeze we bought

  16. Shane S – AB

    Caught calves incredible – so happy with it – awesome

  17. Jim C. – Maple Creek, SK

    The calf table I got from them works really well. Pretty impressed with the quality of their equipment. Everything is 100%!

  18. Rod W – SK

    Really awesome bit of equipment – undoubtedly the best tipping table out there. Its never missed a calf – best headgate I’ve ever seen!

  19. CH-AB

    Received delivery all good of my calf table-used it already quite a few times, ran about 400-500 head through, ranging from 150-200lb. Overall v happy with it, just going to make couple modifications to it myself, because obviously every operation is different in way do things and size of calves etc so hard to please everyone. But my neighbors/brothers used it too and they were v impressed with how easy it was to roll/tip the animals. V pleased with quick delivery too, meaning i could use it this year and not have to wait until next year!

  20. Simon L – BC

    Got delivery last week and used it already. Really like it – slick and perfect for all size calves!

  21. RWilliams – SK

    Its awesome. Works really well now with the latest updates

  22. Lloyd G – BC

    Not perfect but definitely the best calf tipping table out there – and I have tried all of them!

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