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Easy Klamp Sheep & Goat Handler

(7 customer reviews)


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Improve Efficiency on Your Farm and Ranch Projects with the Easy Klamp

Introducing Lakeland’s Easy Klamp, the premium sheep & goat handler designed to excel in various tasks such as dagging, drenching, vaccinating, and tagging. With our simple yet unique dual catch & release full-width pedal, you can confidently and safely clamp the sheep or goat, ensuring minimal stress for the animal and the operator.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive design for easy use
  • Easy animal access and secure clamping for operator convenience
  • Stress-free handling for the animal and the operator
  • Fully adjustable width to accommodate various sizes and breeds

Order the Easy Klamp and maximize productivity on your farm. Contact us for inquiries and assistance.

Additional information

Easy Klamp Dimensions

51” L x 59” W x 60”H

Easy Klamp Weight

550 lbs

Lead Up Ramp Dimensions

82.5”L x 21.5” W x 36.5”H

Lead Up Ramp Weight

285 lbs

3 Way Sorter Dimensions

58”L x 21.5”W x 36.5” W"

3 Way Sorter Weight

180 lbs


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The Lakeland Easy Klamp manufactured here in North America is your premium sheep & goat handler for a variety of tasks such as dagging/drenching/vaccinating and tagging. It allows the animal to run up the race and then be clamped with ease at an ideal height to save your back and the manhandling of the animal. A simple, unique dual catch & release full width pedal allows the operator to securely and safely clamp the sheep or goat with minimal stress to the animal & the operator. The width of the clamp is fully adjustable by the unique pedal allowing you to run small lambs/pregnant ewes or large breeds.

The Lakeland Easy Klamp comes with a scale ready area to slide load bars up into a protective area away from the ground. An optional 3 Way Sorter can be purchased attaching to the exit end allowing animals to be sorted either side or straight through.

  • Upholstered Leather Pad & Bracket for tighter hold for lambs and smaller goats
  • Unique dual catch & release full width pedal for ease of operation
  • Fully adjustable width of clamp
  • Scale ready(no scale kit required)
  • Can be set up for left and right hand operation
  • Ideal for dagging/drenching/vaccinating & tagging
  • Fork targets for easy moving around
  • Hooks up to Lakeland WCCT-DX Working Chute and Crowding Tub
  • Fully galvanized

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Product Reviews

7 reviews for Easy Klamp Sheep & Goat Handler

  1. Stephen C. – Bridport, VT

    The Easy Klamp works great! It reduces the labour exponentially.

  2. Jimmy D – Sentinel, OK

    The Easy Klamp works flawlessly and we wouldn’t have been near as efficient without it. Thanks for having great customer service and awesome products!

  3. Araelya G. – Virden, MB

    The Easy Klamp works great. We preg-checked 180 sheep in 2 hours. It was wild fast. The vet really like the back gate for getting in to preg-check. She turned to me and said, “The don’t think I want to preg-check any more sheep without a handling system like this now!”

  4. Debbie, Oklahoma

    We worked 500 through the Easy Klamp and worked great for every one of them! Lambs were anywhere from 30lb to 70lbs and Ewes were 125-170lbs. Saved us lots of time, we really liked it! Got here quicker than we expected it to as well.

  5. Anonymous

    Use it most days, most weeks. Works well for us.

  6. Eddie S – MB

    Works very well

  7. Darrenm – AB

    We cut a hole in the side for the vet to scan our ewes. I wish I had a go pro I could have made a video as we scanned 280 ewes in 2 hours…. was awesome. Should be a dream for weighing lambs.

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