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17ft Adjustable Alley Section

(12 customer reviews)


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  • Solid one-piece Heavy duty construction
  • Anti-back up gate included (adjustable/removable)
  • Easy Adjust-1 lever adjustment from 30″ wide down to 16″ wide, to prevent calves from turning around
  • Drop down access gate on working side for easier reach to smaller animals
  • Sheeted sides are 48″ high (when drop down access gate is open)
  • Fork targets on top frame for easy transport and lifting

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4’ 3’’W x 7’2’’H x 16 11’’L


1900 lbs


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How long are the alley sections and can they be joined together?
The Lakeland alley sections standard sizes are 17 feet long (AA17-LK) and 8.5 feet long (AA85-LK). They are solid one piece sections that can be easily pinned together to make as long an alley as you want.

Can the Lakeland alley sections be adjusted for running calves?
Yes – with one single smooth movement, the alley can be adjusted in from 31 inches wide internal down to 16 inches to stop calves turning around.

What if I want to change configuration or move the alley to a different location?
It’s very easy – Lakelands alley sections are solid one piece and each section comes with fork loops welded on the top frame. This means that they can easily be picked up with a loader or skid steer and moved or loaded onto a trailer for transport to a different location. It also means that upon delivery, the sections can be picked off the delivery truck with a loader or skid steer and be put into position in one operation meaning that you can be processing cattle within minutes!

Is there any way of stopping the animals backing up in the alley?
Each alley section- either 17 feet or 8.5 feet section comes complete with an adjustable overhead alley stop which the cows can move forward under but drops down behind the to stop them backing up. In addition, Lakelands alleys are modular so can easily have a Lakeland Heavy Duty Rolling door pinned on the end to control flow even better!

Do the alleys have catwalks?
No – gone are the days of dangerous catwalks which were too narrow for us! We believe in low stress cattle handling so have lowered the steel sheeting on the sides so that cows can be moved through the system by using natural ‘flight zone’ instincts rather than the old prodding and ‘yahooing’ from up above on the catwalk. To make access easier for smaller animals, all alley sections have a drop down door on the top portion so that you can reach in safely without injury.

What if I need a curve in my alley or a split to a loading chute or sorting area?
All Lakeland alley sections are solid one piece and entirely modular with other components in the Lakeland Easy Catch Line. Curves can be achieved with infill panels pinned on one side and sorting section, splitting alleys, rolling doors and loading chutes are all compatible and can be pinned together.

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Product Reviews

12 reviews for 17ft Adjustable Alley Section

  1. Bob J – MB

    well built – should have had 30 years ago!

  2. Stan – SK

    Very happy with system supplied by Lakeland.

  3. Sara D – AB

    Couldn’t live without it now

  4. Kent T – MB

    Great investment!

  5. B. Johnson – MB

    Like the way calves can’t turn around – ran 120 cows and calves in hour and half and nobody got hurt or trod on!

  6. Trent W – SK

    Bought 2 of these as part of a whole system – squeeze and tub and all. Works real good

  7. Todd N – MB

    Works great – especially for the calves – we had an old wood alley and they kept turning around so the adjustment on this prevents that from happening

  8. Dale Stud – Dawson Crk BC

    Very happy with the alleys – works well along with the tub and the squeeze chute – $40,000 well spent!

  9. Ann M. – Charlie Lake, BC

    We love them! The neighbours come by and they love them too!

  10. William L – Prespatou BC

    Works good. Will keep referring people!

  11. Darren S – Richmound SK

    Bought 2 of these sections 2 years ago – they’ve sure taken a beating but are hanging in there and I’m not dead yet!

  12. Dalen P – MB

    The alley was the best investment I ever made – along with the squeeze chute

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