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8.5ft Cornerless Crowding Tub

(8 customer reviews)


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  • One piece construction (for easy setup and strength)
  • 3-way exit
  • Ribbed form sides for extra strength
  • 2″ square tubing construction around tub
  • Fork Targets/hoops on top frame for easy transport
  • Available with Left Hand swing or Right Hand swing-please specify

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9’7’’W x 7’2’’H x 16’ 4’’L


2000 lbs


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How big are the Lakeland crowding tubs?
The Lakeland Easy Catch Crowding Tubs come in two sizes – the 8.5ft version which is an overall length of 17ft and the larger 10ft version is 20ft long.

Do the crowding tubs have to be assembled?
No – they are solid one-piece units that will be delivered to you ready to use. The heavy duty top frame even has fork loops so that the whole unit can easily be moved around with a skid steer or loader. Some people will load them on a trailer and take them out to pasture to help with loading at round up time.

How many exits do the crowding tubs have?
Actually three – but mostly you will likely be using two of them. There is a swing door on the corner which can shut off either the exit 90 degrees or the exit 180 degrees from where the cattle come in. The third is part of the secondary crowding door, but can also be used as a useful access point.

Can we only have the tub configured the one way like the pictures on the website?
Most of the pictures show ‘left hand fill’ which is the most popular configuration. From a bird’s eye view, the crowding door swings into the tub in a counter-clockwise rotation. The opposite is called ‘right hand fill’ and the crowding door swings clockwise from an aerial view. You can have either at no extra cost – just be sure to specify at time of ordering!

What stops the cows pushing back on the crowding door and you getting hurt?
This is the best part of a crowding tub – the non-return latch on the crowding door means that the door can only return as far as the closest rib in the side of the tub – meaning that you can safely stand behind the door without getting pushed back by an angry animal!

Tell me more about the ‘cornerless’ design…
It’s an excellent design – a secondary door that bumps along the main crowding door eliminating the ‘pie shaped’ corner preventing the cows and calves turning around and nosing into the hinge area. The cornerless design eliminates the pie shape discouraging the cattle from turning around and encourages them to move towards the alley.

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for 8.5ft Cornerless Crowding Tub

  1. Jerry

    Works very well. Thanks for the awesome product!!

  2. Stan – SK

    Very happy with system supplied by Lakeland.

  3. Kent B. – Eston, SK

    I absolutely love the corner-less crowding tub. I should have bought it 10 years ago!

  4. Wes M – TN

    Tub is great!

  5. Daniel L – BC

    Bought earlier this year with the squeeze chute and alley and have run quite a few cows through – works really well – very happy

  6. Randy B. – Radville, SK

    The handling equipment works beautiful! I don’t know why I didn’t have it 10 years ago.

  7. John B. Westbridge BC

    The tub works great. I love the way you can load out of it and the extra crowding door to stop them turning around

  8. Loren

    We wanted to let you know we put 500 cows & calves through the tub and we’re very impressed with the way it works

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