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ATV Calf Catcher (Quads/4-wheelers)

(12 customer reviews)



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  • Enables quick & safe calf catching
  • Reduces danger while working new calves out in the pasture/field
  • Less stress to the mother cow as she can see & smell her calf
  • Guards cattlemen against protective mother cows
  • Built to last. Durable, all welded quality heavy duty construction
  • Tested & proven in multiple terrains
  • Quick mount and dismount on ATVs and UTVs (specify when ordering)
  • Twin close doors
  • Convenient foot pedal to activate the doors so you can keep your hands securely on your ATV handlebars
  • Cage measures 7’L x 4’W with fully adjustable mounting brackets to attached to most ATVs
  • ATV Tire with proper floatation over rough terrain

UTV Calf Catcher Bracket to attach same unit to UTVs (confirm measurements of UTV)

Please check the Sizing Guide and confirm the measurements of your ATV before purchasing.

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Lakeland's ATV Calf Catcher is a well-designed product that is sturdy and rigid. A safe and convenient way to process calves.

Once initially set up, the Calf Catcher easily mounts and dismounts to your ATV. Drive up to the calf and position the catcher so that the calf is inside the catcher. Use the convenient foot pedal to activate the twin closing doors to securely capture the calf, all while keeping both hands securely on your ATV handlebars.

Once the calf is inside, the operator can safely step into the cage, well protected from the mother cow. Calf is then placed into the small cage at rear of catcher and can stay in there for processing or to lead the cow to another area. When calf is ready to be released, operator releases calf from inside the catcher so cow and calf can be reunited.

Cage measures 7 feet long by over 4 feet wide with fully adjustable mounting brackets to attach to most Quads. ATV tire for proper floatation over rough terrain. Quality workmanship in design and construction. Exceptional paint and finishing quality.

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Product Reviews

12 reviews for ATV Calf Catcher (Quads/4-wheelers)

  1. Roy M. – Minden, NE

    The Calf catcher is perfect. Great insurance policy.

  2. Brian T.-BC

    I’m super happy with the purchase, was skeptical about it but i love how easy it is to use and how well built it is! Setup was a lot more straight forward then expected as well.

  3. Henry H – Ontario

    works really good!

  4. Vinvent C – Quebec

    Doing great! Used it a few times this spring – caught a calf every time and very glad of it!

  5. Ryan G – South Dakota

    Works well – built heavier than others I have used – land is a little rocky so floats better with the bigger tire

  6. Anonymous-Staples, MN, USA

    we have used it a lot this spring. Kids and I are protected from the mother and we have a lot of fun. We have around 80 cows and calves and this is a great piece of equipment to have that keeps us safe.

  7. Cooper, Nova Scotia

    All fit on, few little modifications and was good to go

  8. KC, Rocky View County, AB

    Very happy with Calf Catcher – made it a lot easier to work the calves, totally different way of doing it than before, really easy to connect to, travelled along well, etc

  9. Lakeland Admin

    We appreciate the feedback and will look into this with our development team. It may have something to do with speed (like a castor on a shopping cart) but we’ll definitely see if we can help on the manufacturing side!

  10. Ryan crockett

    I love the calf catcher it’s a great tool to have for calving. I do however have 1 problem with it the front wheel spins out of control when hitting bumps and dips is there anything I can do to change this? I have tried adjusting the Heights of the front mount but nothing seams to make it better.

  11. Anonymous-ID, USA

    Every calving year I thank God for the calving cage you made for us. It has made my life so much easier and our calves are so much healthier now because we can vaccinate them the same day they are born. I tell everyone I know about you guys. Hopefully some sales have come your way.

  12. Anonymous-Whitecourt, AB

    It worked great! Saved a lot of time & energy.

  13. BR-Twin Falls, ID USA

    This calf catcher that I got is absolutely wonderful! the babies are coming, it’s less stress on everybody! This is a godsend and thank you so much for this awesome product!

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