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Lakeland EASY Catch Squeeze Chute

(34 customer reviews)
The Easy Catch Squeeze Chute is Lakeland’s flagship cattle handler that makes the job just a little bit easier. Cattle handling is hard work, and it can be dangerous. Our squeeze chute can help save you time and your back, a premium squeeze chute that’s easy to use and can help your ranch with a variety of tasks: sorting, branding, injections, and many more.

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12’ x 42’’


2000 lbs


Adjusts from 32’’ to 12’’

Height in Vet Cage


Distance from floor to chute to ratchets


Optional Add-On

Head Gate Assist


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Question: How much does the Lakeland Easy Catch Squeeze Chute weigh and how long is it internally?

Answer: The Easy Catch Squeeze Chute weighs in at just under 2,000 pounds, making it one of the heavier manual squeeze chutes out there. Pounds for dollar, it’s one of the highest value chutes as well. There’s 11 feet of internal space from behind the headgate to the rolling door at the rear of the integrated vet cage.


Question: Is the Lakeland Easy Catch Squeeze Chute self-catch or manual?

Answer: It has the unique auto-reset spring-cushioned headgate. This means it is designed to process animals quickly and safely. Simply adjust the stanchions and set the headgate back against the adjustable limiter chain. The operator can now be outside the cows “flight zone,” opening the heavy-duty rolling door to let the cow into the squeeze chute and allowing the animal to move into the headgate, closing the stanchions on their shoulders. On release, the headgate automatically moves back and rests ready for the next animal.


Question: How does the heavy-duty rolling door compare with a bi-fold or guillotine gate?

Answer: This is largely a matter of opinion, but in our experience, the smooth rolling door glides back and forth so easily that a child can operate it and cut off an animal easily. Other manufacturers’ options, such as a bi-fold, can sometimes allow the animal to put their nose in the middle gap and force it open. As for guillotine gates, they are heavy, cumbersome and potentially dangerous if they let go.


Question: What’s the neck extender like?

Answer: It’s a set of vertical bars that are adjustable in and out that protrude from the headgate but adjust and move with the headgate so that they don’t encroach on the flight zone of the cow or interfere with the headgate. They effectively catch the head behind the ears, while the main headgate stanchions close in front of the shoulders, thus exposing a large area of neck for injections.


Question: Do the sides of the Lakeland Easy Catch Squeeze Chute open?

Answer: Yes. They fully open up on both sides and split top and bottom. This means that the top can be left shut and the bottom opened up to allow a calf to suck or for work to be done on the hooves, etc. In addition, there is an access door immediately behind the headgate on both sides and three drop down inspection gates on each side of the upper portions, making it ideal for branding.


Question: Does the Lakeland Easy Catch Squeeze Chute squeeze from both sides?

Answer: Yes, with one simple and smooth lever operation, the parallel axis sides narrow down from full width of 30 inches to 12 inches for running calves.


Question: What if I want to move the Easy Catch Squeeze Chute around or to a different location?

Answer: As a solid one-piece unit, it has fork loops welded to the top frame, so the squeeze chute can be easily moved around with a loader or skid steer. You can load it easily onto a trailer or you can choose to purchase the A-frame trailer designed specifically to take the Easy Catch Squeeze Chute.

Optional Squeeze Chute Add-On (not included with standard system)

 Head Gate Assist — You can now close the head gate from farther down the chute


Product Features

  • Extra long and extra wide to accommodate larger cattle
  • Automatic self-catch headgate
  • Auto headgate reset
  • Spring cushioned headgate to reduce impact on cattle
  • Adjustable neck extender with large access area
  • Heavy duty rolling door at rear
  • Operates from either side
  • Rubber blinders on inspection gates to prevent spooking
  • Sternum bar standard on every chute
  • Vet doors reversible both sides
  • Parallel axis squeeze mechanism
  • Fully opening sides for maximum access
  • Ratchet rump stops
  • Ribbed checker-plate floor

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Product Reviews

34 reviews for Lakeland EASY Catch Squeeze Chute

  1. FJ – Ontario

    great for blood pressure – doesn’t get up anywhere near it used to! So easy

  2. Barbara, Kansas

    Just wanted to say “Thank You” to you and your team for the great customer service and professionalism.
    We were very impressed with the delivery driver Adolph. He worked with us on a delivery schedule, even though he had to wait a few hours for us to return from work. When our tractor was unable to lift the equipment off the truck due to the height, he patiently waited until our neighbors came to help and at one point even pitched in. We will continue to use Lakeland for our future farm needs.

  3. NL – Manitoba

    whole handling system works real good – saves us cursing!

  4. Kevin C. – Langley, BC

    I purchased this squeeze chute along with an alleyway, crowding tub and some of the panels. I was a bit worried of running everything by myself but I ran all the animals through and it went like butter! I couldn’t be more impressed! My vet loves it too.

  5. Steven – VA

    Everything is going great! Really really nice piece of equipment – definitely made the right choice. I worked with Levi – good guy. I bought it with the trailer and I have already used it a lot!

  6. Vernon Mitchell – Calhan, CO

    I bought the whole complete setup with crowding tub, sorter, alley & squeeze. I am tickled to death with the system. Anyone that sees it thinks its the best! You will be getting a lot more business!

  7. John G – Heffley Creek, BC

    This is no doubt the best equipment I have worked with! I don’t run a big operation, but I ran 60 head through by myself in an hour and half. I love it!

  8. Frank J – PEI

    Very pleased with it

  9. Andrew, Manitoba

    We finally got the new system in place and put the first hundred animals through it yesterday and was very impressed with how the squeeze worked. Sure do like having the scale as well.

  10. Brent M – ND

    I received it Thursday and Saturday we put over 250 pairs (500 head) through.  I was really impressed with how well performed

  11. Wild Creek – Chico TX

    I love the chute that I purchased from Lakeland it has made working cattle from having two people to doing all by my self thank you so much – I hope to be able to do more business with you in the near future

  12. Ryan W – Florida

    The squeeze works like a champ! It was definitely a welcome relief. It only take a couple guys to do everything that it used to take 5-6 guys to do.

  13. Brady – BC

    Its a wonderful chute – works very well

  14. Trent W – SK

    It works real good – nothing to complain about

  15. F. Johnstone

    Very pleased with it – added it to my home made alley and it works great!

  16. Ken Hol – TX

    The chute arrived on Sunday like you promised and in really good condition, The driver called the day before and when he was 30 min. away from the farm the driver should be given a great thanks and your company is great.  I will be doing business with you in the future and I am going to recommend Lakeland farm and ranch to all the cattleman I know I have already been ask about the chute from a few neighbors of mine that drove by and saw the chute anyway thanks to you and all

  17. Kent B – Eston, SK

    I used the chute the other day for preg-checking. Boy, it is one slick machine!

  18. Dan L – BC

    Bought earlier this year with crowding tub and alley and have run quite a few cows through – works really well – I’m very happy with the whole system

  19. Dave Brubacher – ON

    Can’t find much to complain about it, in fact, rather like it

  20. Frank J – PEI

    Ran the first bunch of cattle through this morning – worked very well, I’m very happy with it

  21. RJD – MB

    My son tried it out and held a 2000lb bull in it – something he hasn’t been able to do before

  22. William L – Prespatou BC

    Works good – will keep referring people and getting mitts and jackets!

  23. Dale P – Hodgeville, SK

    The Cattle Handling System is just a dream. It’s the best one out there! Just works great…

  24. Glenn C

    Bought one from Joe. Love it!

  25. Keith R – SK

    Squeeze chute excellent – You get older & smarter – should have done it 20 years ago

  26. Shirley – PEI

    Thank you for an excellent squeeze chute – a really nice birthday present for my husband!

  27. Jon B – BC

    The squeeze has been busy this season! Great features make life easier!

  28. Clint – Kansas

    Squeeze works very well – no issues at all. it serves its purpose very well

  29. JV – Elm Creek MB

    Used yesterday for preg checking – works very well

  30. Barry B – BC

    More than happy! The vet actually likes to preg check because of the chute!

  31. Steve C – TN

    You are going above anything I expected in sending it out free delivery.

  32. Rancher – Calgary AB

    Terrific squeeze chute – the best thing about it is that it’s very easy of an old guy to use – excellent!

  33. Cam B.

    We really like the cattle squeeze (Easy Catch) we purchased from you – works like a dream!

  34. Scott V., Ontario

    Great products Even better advice on helping with product selection.  Thanks. (Johnny)

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