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Lakeland Easy Panel

(11 customer reviews)



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NEW Length Available!!

**NEW** The Lakeland Easy Panel 5 ft long made of lightweight aluminum and ideal for portable penning of sheep & goats.

  • 40” high
  • 3.9″ spacing between bars
  • Approx 15lbs in weight


The Lakeland Easy Panel 8 ft long made of lightweight aluminum and ideal for portable penning of sheep & goats.

  • 40″ high
  • 3.9″ spacing between bars
  • 19.4lbs in weight


Simplify Sheep/Goat Penning with the Lakeland Easy Panels

Upgrade your livestock management with the Lakeland Easy Panel. This innovative solution simplifies the creation of secure, portable penning, saving you time and effort. With effortless installation, versatile configuration options, and durable construction, the Lakeland Easy Panel is a must-have for sheep and goat ranchers. Ensure the safety and well-being of your livestock while optimizing your operations.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation for quick setup
  • Versatile configuration options for custom layouts
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction
  • Animal-friendly design for safety and comfort
  • Hassle-free maintenance for an improved environment

Simplify your sheep/goat corrals today. Order the Lakeland Easy Panel for better and more secure livestock management. Contact us for inquiries and assistance.

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5ft, 8ft


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Product Reviews

11 reviews for Lakeland Easy Panel

  1. Gus – Carmel Valley, CA

    really great – use them a lot!

  2. Ken W. – Marion, KY

    We have the Shepherdess Package handling system and I like the aluminum easy panels the best out of everything. We do a lot of pasture rotational grazing so the portable panels are so handy if you need to set up a quick pen or holding area. My wife loves them too because they are so lightweight that she can pick up 2 at a time!

  3. Eric M – Austin, MB

    Those are aluminum easy panels are a dream. My wife loves them!

  4. Dean – WA

    Great product – love them. Used at sheep shearing event yesterday and they were very handy!

  5. Duane M – AB

    These things are great – goats can jump them if pressured but so nice and light to move around!

  6. Billy H – MO

    Like them – lightweight and easy to corral the goats!

  7. Jodi K – Consort, AB

    Out of all the products I’ve purchased from Lakeland, so far my favourite has been these Aluminium Easy Panels. They are so easy to set up and move around. Everyone loves them!

  8. HE-Augusta, KS

    We did not end up using the panels until our goat kids were born this spring but we’ve had them in use continuously now for the past few weeks.  They are working out well.  I really like how lightweight they are and easy to move and set up.  My Nubian goat kids are contained as early as 2 weeks old so the spacing on the slats is excellent.  The height is good too as it allows me to simply lift kids over and into the pen, rather than have to open it up by removing a pin each time. I’m very happy to have them and it is making life easier than this time last year when we were trying to use regular cattle panels to achieve the same goal.

  9. A Hellman

    Got the Easy panels – they work great

  10. Brett P – Michigan

    I quite like them! They are lightweight and you can fold them right up.

  11. Five Springs – San Fran CA

    They work great! Easy and lightweight.

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