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Medi-Dart Double Barrel Crossbow Kit

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The Medi-Dart allows you to effectively doctor cattle in a variety of scenarios. Our syringes are designed to eject from the cattle immediately following drug delivery, providing you the reassurance that your medication has been delivered successfully. The syringes are completely reusable. With our 30 and 35cc capacity syringe barrels and intramuscular and sub-cutaneous needles the tool offers you the flexibility needed to choose from a wide variety of medication to best meet the needs of your animal.


Double Barrel Crossbow Kit

  • New & Improved ejection design
  • Up to 30cc of medication
  • Includes 2 reusable projectile syringes
  • Crossbow & Air Pump
  • Accurate at 20-30’ of distance


Better for the Cattle

  • Low stress on your animals
  • No chasing – No restraining
  • Keeps the animal with the herd
  • Keeps the animal on feed rations
  • Gets medication as soon as the health issue arises


Better for the Cattle Producer

  • Less stress on the producer
  • No need to restrain the animal
  • The animal can be treated easily on pasture or in the pen
  • Know with certainty that the drugs have been administered when you retrieve your syringe
  • Keeps problems from getting out of hand because the animal can be treated sooner, with less stress than with conventional methods
  • Less time is needed to medicate the animal because it is a one-person mobile treatment system
  • Low cost – nothing else to buy
  • Low maintenance

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Product Reviews

3 reviews for Medi-Dart Double Barrel Crossbow Kit

  1. David C Smith – Wayan, Idaho

    Your product is COOL! I’ve doctored about 70 steers with it and it is soooo easy to doctor with. I just grin every time I doctor one. Roping is a favorite past time of mine, but so is making money and staying safe. I don’t have to dodge badger holes, ditches and run pounds off my beef. Even if they are in the corral you don’t have to catch them to doctor them. I’ve thunked the dart into trees and off boards, the cattle have stepped on them, they hold up real well. Thanks, wish I would of thought of it.

  2. Joe Dettling – Plum City, WI

    I have had the Medi-Dart Crossbow for over 4 years now. I could not be happier. I have cattle at five separate locations and very little help. I used to have to round up help, round up the sick cattle and haul them to a head gate. Now I just keep the Medi-Dart Crossbow with me and treat them on the spot.
    The new orange darts are much easier to see if dropped in tall grass or mud. The darts do float if dropped in water and they take an unbelievable amount of abuse. I thank you and my Cattle thank you.

  3. David W Lowe – Sedan, KS

    I just wanted to let you know that after reading the directions and testing the crossbow on a big bale of hay I went to try it out on cows. We had several cows limping in a pasture without corrals. I was so happy when the Medi-Darts worked exactly as described and automatically ejected itself from the cows after the antibiotic had been injected. We are looking for others to doctor now since it is so easy and actually fun.

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