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Spin Trim Chute

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Whether it’s hoof trimming, tagging, banding or de-worming, Lakeland’s Deluxe Spin Trim Chute is a must-have for any sheep or goat rancher, as it makes things easy for you and your ranch. It is the premium sheep and goat handler that’ll add versatility and efficiency to your operation.

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With Pads, Without Pads


62″l x 43″w x 45″h


350 lbs


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Question: What is all included on the Lakeland Deluxe Spin Trim Chute

Answer: The Spin Trim Chute comes standard with an automatic self-catch headgate for vaccinating and treating sheep and goat. It has the cradle squeeze, which squeezes the sheep and goat to the center of the unit. The spin chute has a 360-degree spin so you can spin the sheep/goat halfway over, at a 45-degree angle, or upside down. The floor hinges out for trimming hooves. It has a folding gate at the back of the unit. It also comes standard with a set of tires and hitch if you ever need to move it around.


Question: How much does the Lakeland Deluxe Spin Trim Chute weigh and what are the dimensions?

Answer: It weighs around 300 pounds, so it’s not too heavy to pull around with a vehicle, tractor, or quad. The dimensions are 62’’L x 43’’W x 45’’H.


Question: Does the Lakeland Deluxe Spin Trim Chute have a manual or automatic self-catch headgate?

Answer: It comes with the automatic self-catch headgate on it. This is handy because you don’t have to have another person ready to catch each sheep or goat, as the animal comes through the unit. It’s ideal when you are working by yourself! The automatic self-catch headgate is fully adjustable for different sized animals.


Question: Why are the squeeze sides curved on the Lakeland Deluxe Spin Trim Chute?

Answer: The cradle-curved sides give a better hold of the sheep or goat when you are processing them through or spinning them over. Because the squeeze cradles around the body of the animal, it reduces all the fighting because they are held tightly.


Question: How easy is it to spin a sheep or goat in the Lakeland Deluxe Spin Trim Chute?

Answer: Very simple! The cradle squeeze keeps the animal at the center of the unit. When you come to spin, it almost just rolls by itself because of the center of gravity. It saves all the back work!


Question: What are the upholstered vinyl pads for?

Answer: The upholstered vinyl pads are an optional product that are attached to the sides of the cradle squeeze. It is designed for people who are running goats or smaller, skinnier animals. It gives them a tighter, more comfortable hold when you are spinning them over.


Question: Can the Lakeland Deluxe Spin Trim Chute be attached to the existing gates and panel I have?

Answer: Yes, it comes with the eyes (pin holes) on the back of the unit, so you can work it in with your existing panels. All our Lakeland sheep and goat handling equipment (i.e. sorters, raceway, crowding tubs) are designed to pin right onto the Deluxe Spin Trim Chute. It pairs nicely with the Lakeland’s Working Chute and Crowding Tub for sheep and goat.

Unlike other products on the market, our Deluxe Spin Trim Chute system squeezes from both sides, keeping the animal centered within the unit. Having the center of gravity right in the middle makes it easy when you’re spinning the chute, putting less strain on you and your animal.

When it comes to spinning your sheep or goat, our system is operated by a foot pedal, which can be found on both sides of the unit. When pressed, the system rolls 360 degrees all the way around. There are multiple locking points, so you can you can roll and lock the DST at 180 degrees upside down, at 45 degrees part way down or even sideways at 90 degrees. We wanted it to be easy for you, making sure you have access to your animal at whatever height or angle you need it to be.

When you have the animal locked in your ideal position, simply pop the floor off and you’ll have access to your animal’s legs and hooves.

At the front, the Lakeland Deluxe Spin Trim Chute comes equipped with an automatic self-catching headgate, which works exactly as it sounds. It’ll catch the animal’s head all by itself. When the headgate is in the set position, the sheep or goat catches itself as it tries to walk through the headgate.

On top of the headgate, press down on the release handle while pulling on the gate to let the animal right out the front.

Of course, sheep and goat come in all different shapes and sizes, so we made sure that the headgate is fully adjustable to make sure that any animal, big or small, with horns or no horns, can fit through and be easily caught. You can make it bigger for your rams with especially big horns or smaller for some of your skinnier ewes.

There is a rear gate that simply slides across preventing the rest of your flock from getting in while you work on your animal. This system perfectly pairs with our Working Chute and Crowding Tub for sheep and goat, a system that efficiently helps crowd and sort your animals right up to your Spin Trim Chute.

As you can tell, the Deluxe Spin Trim Chute is curved on its sides, so it better molds to the shape of the animal’s body. You can choose to fit the system with optional padded sides for your smaller and more delicate sheep or goat.

It comes with wheels that can be attached to the bottom, so you can easily move it around your yard, making your setup more mobile and adjustable to what you need on any given day. There’s a hitch on the front so you can tow it behind you, easy enough by hand.


Product Features

  • All-in-one spinning hoof trimmer and self-catch headgate
  • Able to handle a wide variety of chores: hoof trimming, vaccination, tagging, banding, deworming, etc.
  • Spins 360 degrees with multiple locking points
  • Fully adjustable for all sizes of sheep and goat
  • Squeezes from both sides for easier, faster clamping
  • Comes with a set of tires and hitch for easier towing and portability
  • Optional padded sides for small or delicate animals (sold separately)
  • Removable Wheels
  • Headgate in the closed position--opening is adjustable from 3" to 7" wide
  • Headgate in the open position--opening is adjustable from 4" to 8" wide

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Product Reviews

71 reviews for Spin Trim Chute

  1. David W – Washington

    love the machine and end point delivery guy was awesome!

  2. Analyn W

    I just wanted to let you know that the SpinTrim is the best thing since sliced bread!! My goats are so calm and relaxed when we trim their hooves. My big buck that I sent you pictures of is a little too tall for it, but he willingly ducks under the bar to squeezes in. Then we put the sides up to where they just touches his sides since he is too tall for it. When we lay him on his side, he simply slides down comfortably in the contour of the side and he is so relaxed.

    We did not use the shoot. We just walked them up to it and they stepped right in. The second time I wasn’t sure if they would be so willing. Again, we opened the door, asked them to “Please…step into my office” and happily walked right in!!

    Before it was a major struggle to trim their hooves. They are so strong and it was always a fight. With the SpinTrim, it so easy and the goats are so relaxed and calm. I think they enjoy it.

    Thank you

  3. Mark B – Howells, NE

    I love the trim chute. Saves the back and make the job go faster.

  4. Eisen Ross – WI

    Very smooth – certainly makes life easier!

  5. MJL5 – TX

    Greatest thing on the planet! Used on Sunday – trimmed 70 head and my back doesn’t hurt!

  6. Cindy R – OH

    Bought online and received delivery last week. It is an excellent piece, it works absolutely perfect with our 13 week old Dorper lambs. No pads needed. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Great product!

  7. Peter from Parksville, BC

    Received delivery of this unit all in good shape! got it all set up and ran 35 hd katadin sheep through already, worked very well, v pleased with it–love how easy the foot pedal is to operate etc. Just had to remove the pads for my big one, but was fine.

  8. Leigh from Tueplo, MS

    This thing works like a charm!! Ran 15 head of Nigerian dwarfs through and no issues. Works v well. Delivery went well too.

  9. Kathryn J – CA

    Love this thing – it’s amazing and saved us a lot of work. I sit on my little stool and trim hooves and saves a lot of back ache

  10. LB-Fallon, NV

    We LOVE our trim table, has cut time on trimming hooves dramatically.

  11. Tyler G – Kentucky

    Works well – love it. Will buy the working chute in a year or 2 to go with it!

  12. Robin Elliott-Gaffney, SC

    This little girl handles treatments by herself. 100 head of sheep. She’s down to 2.5 minutes per head. Vacc, 3 wormers, feet trimmed, FAMACHA check, antibiotics etc…it’s a dream machine. Love this system so very much.

  13. D C, Malone, TX

    I don’t mind saying it was the best purchase I have made in a LONG time….worth every penny to say the least…making it easy is an understatement.

  14. LL-Columbia, MO, USA

    Yes, we have used it once and we’re absolutely thrilled. Put some adult bucks in and they just rested calmly and were so easy to deal with.

  15. C. Umscheid – Rocky Mountain House, AB

    I am running goats and wow it works amazing! I am beyond happy. It is my most favorite thing I have bought.
    It has completely changed my farm and how easy I can do things on my own.

  16. Jon G – Athens AL

    The thing is awesome – really pleased with it

  17. MR- VA, USA

    We used our Spin Trim Chute last week – and it worked GREAT – made feet trimming a breeze

  18. Gary S. Jr. – CA

    I tell people all about it all the time – it works very well

  19. Brad from TX

    I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did without this chute. Best money I ever spent.

  20. Everett, WA

    Received in good working order and is working just as advertised. Happy with the purchase, thank you!

  21. C.Cohen – NJ

    Enjoy having it – only reason for 4 stars is the fat ewes have a hard time getting in. Otherwise works great!

  22. Anoy mous-Edna, TX

    Got it. Used it. Works great! Life is better now. Thank you.

  23. Tim from Texas

    Love it – makes life a whole lot easier!

  24. Cath Jackson – CA

    I love this thing! The back gate handle got bent in shipping but easily straightened it out – otherwise, it would be 5 star

  25. Shannon S – CA

    This is the best piece of equipment ever!! The shipping company was fantastic, helpful, and friendly. The sheep/goat squeeze we used for the first time last weekend and we had a slight learning curve (videos were very helpful)☺️ but that’s to be expected and once we got going, we were able to zip through and get our sheep done so fast (and without killing our backs!).
    Can’t wait to use it again next month on our little goats!

  26. Scott S – PA

    Great piece of equipment. We use it all the time

  27. Will E – AB

    absolutely perfect – saves the back that’s for sure!!

  28. Jen B – GA, USA

    our spin chute arrived in great shape, the driver who brought it to our house was especially helpful as we have a difficult driveway.

  29. Caroline M – VT

    We love it. Have already had 400 sheep through it.

  30. EM-Warburg, AB

    We love it! Took the time to train our sheep to go through it and it’s been a real back (and marriage) saver 👍🏼

  31. Brad H – Virginia

    Great chute! Little lightweight , but that makes it so easy to work and move – pleased, bit expensive but saves time and struggling!

  32. Isaac McLemore – Mars Hill, NC

    The spin table I got from Lakeland was higher than my expectations! It held my 200lb buck no problem and I would have never been able to handle that thing before. My son said to me, “Daddy, that’s worth every penny!” It’s awesome!

  33. Dennette Sonora CA

    Delivery went well, used it a couple of times for hooves and really liked it. really happy

  34. Martin M – Belen NM

    got delivery only 4-5 days after ordering – awesome service! Tried it a couple of times and really like it

  35. Corey C – Tyler TX

    Ordered online – it came quick in great condition and works great for us!

  36. Marty R – KY

    the best investment I made in a very long time – works better than I ever expected!

  37. BF-Abilene, TX

    Me and my wife worked our goats with ease! No more having to rope them and hold them down. Definitely a purchase well made, great product!

  38. JH-Saltville, VA, USA

    The sheep chute works great. I have bragged on it several times to my friends.

  39. Leigh Ann Pennington – Burlington, NC

    We have tried it twice. Makes it a whole lot easier. Me and my husband did not fuss at all while trimming hooves. The only thing is our sheep aren’t very trained and needed persuasion to step up into the chute. Our son obliged to try it out first. We should have gotten this years ago!!

  40. Shane MacGregor – Newell, SD

    It is working out amazing!!!! I believe the feature that surprises us the most was the way the sheep and goats out their head into the head catch. Of course I you have a few that don’t go in with ease but the majority of them do. The experience the animals have while in the chute is very comfortable I believe is because of the squeeze being form fitting to the animal. We are very happy with our purchase and if there is anything I could do to help you sell more please don’t hesitate to call Thank you for making a great product and following up on the sale!!!! We will try to get some good video’s or pictures of it in action.

  41. GG-Berea, KY, USA

    I positively love this spin chute, it works amazing! I’m tickled to death with it! Love the fact it’s so easy to move around as well. Will definitely be buying more from you guys in the future.

  42. Dustin S – Shelbyville, TN

    Everything is working great! Tt has cut our time nearly in half when working the sheep and all the customers are very interested in the spin chute when they come over.

  43. Ben B – Salado TX

    Absolutely perfect! Will be ordering more stuff – I like the way they can ship all the way to Texas and keep the price down by cutting out the dealer – thats awesome!

  44. justin-Inman, KS

    Received delivery all good and used that afternoon! Ran 30 hd through twice and will be using again in couple weeks to ultrasound. V nice piece of equipment!

  45. DS-Herald, CA-USA

    Very pleased- excellent piece of equipment I may have 2 more sold for you! The first time we used it two of us processed about 60 does including trimming feet in just over 2 hours and never broke a sweat.

  46. CM-NC, USA

    The delivery was a breeze! We are very impressed with the chute and absolutely love it! I’ll try to get you some pictures in the next few days

  47. Very happy customer-USA

    I purchased the spin chute and weigh scale and have used both to run my 80 ewes and 100 lambs through! These are both lifesavers! i plan on purchasing the crowd tub/alley system next year.

  48. Don Buchanan

    I love this tilt table.  It makes trimming hoove so much easier.  The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it will not handle my billy goats.  Both the bed and the gate is too narrow.

  49. Melanie – AB

    We got one of these last year and it has been the best purchase we have made for our sheep so far! We love ours!

  50. A Wieber – MB

    Very pleased – works well

  51. Will E – edmonton AB

    Absolutely perfect – saves the back for sure!

  52. T. Antl

    Used this tipper – works really well on our goats

  53. Steve M. – Lakeside, OR

    We used it few days ago for our goats and it worked like a charm! We are real happy with it!

  54. Dewayne, Skiatook, OK

    It works great, and it’s so much easier on my back. The animals don’t seem to fight nowhere near as much. I get things done quicker, and it’s less stress on them…it’s wonderful!

  55. Rick W – MB

    Works excellent. Always good from you guys!

  56. Helen – Arkansas

    The thing is so easy to use – I am VERY happy and I’m impressed!

  57. Mike C – TX

    A lot easier than what we did before – just took a bit to get used to

  58. J Stant – KY

    Works really well – I enjoy using it

  59. RW – SK

    Put it to work – saves wear and tear on us!

  60. MS from AB

    we got delivery all good and used last week. Ran 85 head through and worked amazingly well, v nice! Had to remove the pads for some of our fat ones but all good. Will be considering more equipment in future from you guys.

  61. Victor W. – Balgonie, SK

    It is an excellent machine and think its worth the investment!

  62. Bill Greg – NL

    Works very well

  63. Josh – AB

    Works well except for my spanish goats with big horns – the headgate needs to be a manual for those – otherwise its great!

  64. Russell – Maine

    Recently bought – works really good

  65. Ross W – SK

    put to work and crutched a sheep last week on one of these and it sure helped us and saved our backs

  66. Cindy, Canyon Creek, Montana

    We received all the equipment and used it. Love it. Our bucks could barely fit in the turn table not only because our their horns but they weigh around 200 #. We did over 35 head of goats, trimming feet and worming and my back was great at the end of the day. Thank you. Keep up the good work. thank you again Cindy and Nick.

  67. Sharyl Chitwood

    We did get to try our tilt table out, had 11 goats of varying sizes that needed feet trimmed, CD/T shots, and worming. I loved the access it gave me to their feet, was able to give the best trim I’ve ever been able to give. Needed to doctor a couple spots on 2 hooves and being able to come at problem at any angle was wonderful. Medicine went right where it was poured. Gate adjustments held the heads of our Nigerian dwarfs up to our big Kiko/Boer’s in place and worming went much easier. Had to turn horns on some to get heads through, but easily done. Pads did seem to provide comfort as well as grip. Husband was very surprised as how well it held the bigger goats when one got upset-held her in place. Even had room to go up and give shots in the armpit area, my preferred spot, on all goats. Had some 5 month old Savanna’s that were slimmer, and with pads, it held them in place to do all of the above, so didn’t have to play “goat rodeo” with the young ones either.

  68. Debbie D.-Bridgeport TX.

    Got delivery of the spin chute! Ran 39 head through twice and works vv well, love it! Just need to save up for the alley/tub system to go behind it now…:)

  69. Robert H – Catheys Valley CA

    received the goat flipper today its great fine job fast delivery you guys rock

  70. Leroy A.-Eunice, USA

    I got delivery all good and am very very happy and satisfied with it. Didn’t have any problems, and love my lil spin table and you wouldn’t have enough money to buy it back! We have engineered a very good product.

  71. Michael & Janice C., Saskatchewan

    All Products That We Have Received From Lakeland Have Been Of Excellent Quality.  Any Questions We Have Had -Have Been Answered Quickly and Cordially.  All Sales Staff Have Been Excellent Going The Extra Mile Every Time.  A Great Pleasure Working With You.

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