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Check out the Cattle or Sheep and Goat Packages we have available!

Cattle Handling PackagesSheep and Goat Packages

Check out the Cattle or Sheep and Goat Packages we have available!

Cattle Handling PackagesSheep and Goat Packages

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The Shepherdess has designed her very own sheep and goat handling packages!

If you’re an experienced sheep or goat rancher or an enthusiast who’s looking for an easier, more versatile way to handle your animals, then look no further than the packages of Lakeland products Grace herself has designed.


I had been talking to Lakeland for a couple months about ordering a working system through them. Once we had decided we were ready for our new system we need it in a hurray. Yesterday at 9 am I had ordered an entire working system. Crowding tub, Shute, and tipping table for our sheep. I had expressed that we needed this as soon as possible. Jotham said he would do his best to get it to us quickly. By 7 pm the truck was in the yard. And by 9 pm the same day it was set up ready for use. All the pieces and parts there nothing missing. Nothing built wrong it slipped together perfectly. I am nothing less than extremely impressed. I will be recommending them to everyone. Great to deal with helpful, kind and accommodating.

Thank you Lakeland farm and ranch.

Ian O.

We are so pleased with our purchase of our portable handling system; it cuts our working time by at least half. We have recommended Lakeland products to several friends & neighbors. We also appreciate the wonderful service your staff provided during our original purchase, and the numerous calls since, to ensure our satisfaction. Never have we encountered such a conscientious team.

DP from Virginia

I remember just being a bit skeptical about buying the Easy-Catch but now I have it, I can run twice as many head through in the same time with any conventional self catch headgate. I really like it. A neighbour came and helped – he had just bought a brand new H___H__ squeeze. He didn’t say nothing for a while and then he became more & more impressed…I think he’s gonna trade it in….

From Alberta