Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say  

Don’t take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say about their Lakeland products. They’ll give you the rundown on everything from how they use their equipment, to the delivery of the product, to the experience they had dealing with Lakeland.

Cattle Handling Testimonials

Lisa Koshel – Oxford (Cattle Handling System and Corral Panels)

Have a listen to Lisa as she guides us through how her family uses her cattle handling system and corral panel setup.

Farmer – MB (Easy Catch Chute)

The handling system fabulous! – it takes less time to do 200 head than it used to take for 40…

The squeeze chute is wonderful – everyone wants one now!

Vet & Rancher – AB (Portable Handling System)

We still have some building to do, but I processed cows through the other day and a couple of bulls that weren’t safe to do in our 60 year old wooden setup.

I am very happy. Especially like the rolling gates, the ability to vaccinate in the alley, and the headgate is fantastic.

Rancher – Tennessee (Easy Catch Chute)

We are really enjoying the squeeze chute – everything is wonderful – we have a lot of people through our operation and all have looked at it and are really impressed. Thank you for your outstanding customer service – we really appreciate that!

Matthew O – Staples, MN (Calf Catcher)

We have used it a lot this spring. Kids and I are protected from the mother and we have a lot of fun. We have around 80 cows and calves and this is a great piece of equipment to have that keeps us safe.

DP – Virginia (Portable Handling System)

We are so pleased with our purchase of our portable handling system; it cuts our working time by at least half. We have recommended Lakeland products to several friends & neighbors. We also appreciate the wonderful service your staff provided during our original purchase, and the numerous calls since, to ensure our satisfaction. Never have we encountered such a conscientious team.

Tanya Schulz – Neepawa (Easy Catch System)

Whatever vision you have for your ranch this year, Lakeland’s Easy Catch Cattle Handling system is sure to complement it. Whether it’s our squeeze chute or our portable, our crowding tub or our alleys, our long line of products can fit your farm the way you want them to.

See how Tanya Schulz of Willowside Ranch in Neepawa, Manitoba uses her Lakeland Easy Catch system and how it makes her farm run smoothly.

Marlin Beever – Rivers (Calf Tipping Table)

Listen to Marlin Beever of Rivers, Manitoba as he gives his thoughts on Lakeland’s Calf Tipping Table, and how it helps run his calving operation smoothly.

Daniel Northam – Rapid City (Easy Catch Cattle Handling System)

Daniel Northam tells us how he uses his Lakeland Easy Catch Cattle-Handling System.

Mike Koshel – Oxford (Lakeland Cattle Handling Package)

Have a listen to Mike Koshel talk about his Lakeland Cattle Handling Package and how he uses it.

Lakeland Cattle Handling Packages come fully equipped with an Easy Catch Squeeze Chute, Alley, Crowding Tub, and system of Corral Panels

Drew Carriere – Leduc, AB (Portable Bunk Feeder)

Drew Carriere from Leduc, Alberta saves so much time using Lakeland Portable Bunk Feeders to feed his cattle.

Vern Law – Lundar (Easy Catch System)

Have a listen to what Vern Law has to say about Lakeland’s Easy Catch Cattle Handling System. He regularly uses it on M. J. Millar’s Ranch near Lundar, Manitoba, and it’s working great for them so far!

Rancher – BC (Easy Catch Chute)

Even though I am from BC, the reason I bought a Lakeland squeeze was simply on the attention to customer service. Just talking to Kelvin and his calls back & forth – there is not another company in this industry that has half the level of customer service as you guys. He always gets back to me sooner than I even need him to…

Farmer – SK (Easy Catch Chute)

(Easy-Catch) is the greatest thing I ever bought! I am absolutely top of the world with it! So easy to use, I ran cattle all by myself and with rear control, it’s just slick. It works so much better than I ever imagined – I am stoked and a super happy customer!

Alan Horner – Minnedosa (Half Circle Calving Station)

Lend your ears to Alan Horner from Minnedosa, MB, and see how he uses the Lakeland Half Circle Calving Station during calving season at his cattle ranch.

Matt Frosh – Nebraska (Calf Tipping Table)

Lakeland hit the road to visit a few of our favorite customers. We stopped by Matt Frosh’s place in Nebraska and asked him about his experience with the Lakeland Calf Tipping Table, a only calf handling product you’ll ever need.

Drew Carriere – Leduc, AB (Easy Catch Chute)

Drew Carriere and his family make good use out of the Lakeland Easy Catch Squeeze Chute. Have a watch on how they use it on his farm.

Sheep & Goat Handling Testimonials

Analyn W – Splendora, TX (Deluxe Spin Trim Chute)

I just wanted to let you know that the SpinTrim is the best thing since sliced bread!! My goats are so calm and relaxed when we trim their hooves. My big buck that I sent you pictures of is a little too tall for it, but he willingly ducks under the bar to squeezes in. Then we put the sides up to where they just touches his sides since he is too tall for it. When we lay him on his side, he simply slides down comfortably in the contour of the side and he is so relaxed.

We did not use the shoot. We just walked them up to it and they stepped right in. The second time I wasn’t sure if they would be so willing. Again, we opened the door, asked them to “Please…step into my office” and happily walked right in!!

Before it was a major struggle to trim their hooves. They are so strong and it was always a fight. With the SpinTrim, it so easy and the goats are so relaxed and calm. I think they enjoy it.

Thank you

Jamie – MB (Easy Klamp)

Hear what Jamie from Manitoba has to say about the new Lakeland Easy Klamp and how it helps his sheep farm!

Allison C – Aiken, SC (Self Catch Headgate and Chute)

Just used the head gate today to get them vaccinated. Kids expected in about 8 weeks. It works great. Thanks for the follow up and such great customer service

Jayden – Fairview (Sheep Handling System)

We got everything that we ordered set up and have ran some sheep through the handling system to test it out. So far we are quite pleased with the quality of everything and ease of setup. As we expand our operation we will definitely look at expanding our equipment with more from Lakeland. Was a pleasure dealing with you and your team.

Robin D  – Clearwater, MN (Sheep Handling/Feeding & Penning)

We have a 250-sheep farm operation. We used to have a Ketcham system, but it was too big and heavy, and it wasn’t moveable, which is why we set it up and took it down twice a year. My husband travels, and I have to wait for him to come home. It just holds up what I’m doing. With our new Lakeland sheep system, it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to set up and take down. We also have a ton of Lakeland’s Easy Aluminum Panels, and we use them for everything. Life is easier because of the weight. We also have portable lambing jugs. They’re 15 pounds, and I love them! They’re so easy to carry, and I use them for everything. Now, I can put up 20 jugs in an hour, where before I was putting up maybe 10 with the Ketcham. You avoid doing things when it’s heavy.

Eric Wichert – Kansas (Lakeland Crowding Tub for sheep and goat)

We stopped by Eric Wichert’s sheep farm in Kansas and asked him about his experience with the Lakeland Crowding Tub for sheep and goat.

Jacqueline Warren – Leduc, AB (Sheep and Goat Handling Equipment)

Have a listen to Jacqueline Warren and how her Lakeland equipment has made her sheep farm a breeze for her and her family.

Melissa S – Bozrah, CT (Feeders and Easy Panels)

I just wanted to let you and the company know how happy we are with your products. They are superior quality and so heavy (strong). I know that we will love using the panels and feeders for the sheep. Additionally everything did arrive in a timely manner and your driver was excellent. I will definatly recommend your company to others. When we build our new sheep facility we will be back to do more business.

Nicola VR – Clinton, BC (Slanted Bar Feeder Panels)

Yes, they are perfect. I set them up like a feed bunk. They were expensive, but so is hay… I figure they will eventually pay for themselves by having saved alot of waste…….I thought my tall athletic ewes might jump over the panels, but they don’t seem to.

Sheep Farmer – BC (Feeders, Alleys, Chute)

Thank you, I received my feeders yesterday and am very pleased with the quality, they are exactly what I needed! The courier called ahead and was excellent to deal with which is a first in my experience with couriers! so I’m super happy with the whole experience.

Thank you for the catalogue, I may order a creep panel, but I have to recover from recent expenses before I can do that.

You made my day more than valentines chocolates could have! I was like a kid at Christmas ripping off the packing LOL

That chute is my prize possession. I recommend it to anyone who will slow down long enough to listen.

My farm partner has been looking at one of your alleys to attach to the chute. He would be applying to the same state program I used to buy the chute.

I wish I had it 30 years ago – I never thought – it’s one of the best things ever built! What I like too is that you people are so interested in helping me – I want to tell you how great you guys are. You can ask my son & my neighbour and they’ll say the same. Send me some flyers & business cards & I’ll get you some business around here.

Another Sheep Farmer (Working Chute and Crowding Tub)

We used our recently purchased sheep tub/chute/catcher combo yesterday and handled 130 sheep and lambs in a couple of hours; it was fantastic. My wife said, ‘Best farming day ever!’

I’m posting some pictures, a review and props for your company on a preparedness website in the “Sheep farming thread” so hopefully it will drive some business your way. I’ll send you the link when I post it.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase…

Loren Nikkel – Kansas (Lakeland Crowding Tub)

We stopped by Loren Nikkel’s sheep farm in Kansas and asked him about his experience with the Lakeland Crowding Tub for sheep and goat.

Brooke C – Colorado (Heavy Duty Spindle Penning Panel)

We caught up with Brooke Carlson, an Agriculture student who runs her own goat farm for 4H and FFA. She told us all about how she uses her Lakeland Pens. Have a listen and see what you think!

Victoria – Gimli (Sheep and Goat Handling Equipment)

There are only so many hours in the day, and without the right farm equipment, you can be out there all day trying to get the job done. That’s why we believe that every sheep or goat farm needs these premium sheep and goat products that’ll add versatility and efficiency to your operation.

But don’t take it from us. Have a listen to what Victoria from Whiskey Road Farms has to say about her Lakeland Sheep and Goat Handling Equipment. She hits on the all the major features of our farm-favorite system and how it’s helped her growing goat farm.

Vancouver Island (Deluxe Spin Trim Chute)

Wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the pivot table for sheep that I purchased from your company. It is easy to operate and easy to move.

It is extremely well thought out from its folding entrance door to its head gate at the exit. I easily fits up against my current handing chute. All the moving parts move easily and smoothly and it so easy to tilt the sheep. Its also nice that they can be stilted on their side on all way over. I was able to worm, trim feed and ear tag all in one sessions. Thanks for much for making a difficult job easy and less stressful for my ewes!

I don’t know how I ever got along with out one.

Sharon S – NC (Collapsible Sheep Feeders)

We are using them for our goats, so far seem to be working well, hay loss has improved significantly. We have 11 goats using this one feeder, not counting the kids, our miniature horse uses it also. 2nd one is with 7 bucks, saving a lot of hay now that they can’t climb on it.

Clarence B – KY (DST)

I’m a veteran of a few tours, and I haven’t seen utter devastation like the tornado outbreak that struck western Kentucky on December 10, 2021. We lost everything: our house, our vehicles, four barns. We even lost three out of 75 goats, as we all took shelter in the canning room of our basement that was collapsing in on us. It was only able to withstand the crumbling roof because of the metal shelves that held it together. After the chaos, one of the only things left standing was our Deluxe Spin Trim Chute. It was untouched, and still works as expected. We’re excited to get our barn done and put our goat farm back together.

Phillip Grimshaw, Grimshaw Farms – Ware Shoals, SC (Working Chute and Crowding Tub)

A few years ago I bought this system while my flock was still small with the anticipation that it would help me grow my business, improve animal health, and reduce the strain of handling animals. Fast forward to today and this system has helped me achieve just that. Now, at over 100 ewes I feel confident in moving closing to my end goal of 500 ewes. The Lakeland system is built with high quality materials and I look forward to using it for many years to come.Of the many features I enjoy, my favorite is using the guillotine gate paired with the 3 way sorter to get rams and ewes separated during weaning.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the convenience of the using the integrated weigh crate to get weights of lambs before worming. Adding the spin-trim chute to the whole system has also allowed me to not only sort my flightiest and wildest ewes but also to restrain them for hoof trimming, vaccinating, or marking.

Perhaps the single great reason any sheep farmer should own a system like this is the ability to gather your sheep, sort them, and assess and treat any health issues. This has by far helped me lower lamb and yearling mortality by doing regular FAMACHA exams, and getting them into a place for efficient worming and medicating as a group.

Alexis P – Holley, NY (SG200)

We were finally able to get the sheep handling system set up today and ran everyone through! It made the job so much easier. Horse stalls will also be going up this week. I attached some pictures of the sheep handling system and will email again when I get the stalls done. Thank you again and happy new year!

Horse Equipment Testimonials

Vet – Maple Creek, SK (Horse Stalls)

We had them all full last week and they worked great!

Natasha T – MB (Horse Stalls)

The horse stalls are wonderful! Have had no problems with them. We get a lot of compliments from them!

Phillip McCrea (Baroque Friesian Ranch) – Alberta Beach, AB (Horse Stalls)

The stalls are working as intended. We are very pleased and have gotten many compliments from nearly everyone who has entered the stable since.

Animal Health Testimonials

SK (Mineral Program)

Calves are coming strong & healthy & up right away which is a sign that your mineral program is working…

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

I’m very happy with the cow’s condition and the consumption rate on the tubs is good. I didn’t need to do anything extra – my calves are strong & healthy.

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

I never opened a bottle of penicillin this spring – it just has to be those mineral tubs

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

Unbelievable tubs – cattle are so content and doing so well, I wish I woulda found out about you 5 yrs ago! Cows have a shine to them. Condition is phenomenal. Your product has stretched my pasture!

Surrey, BC (Brush Oiler)

The ol’ girls love the brush oiler – they are a Limousin cross so they have a big tuft of hair on the front – so they’ve all been getting new hairdos!

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

Cows are in really good shape and the calves’ hair coat is really good. I’m tickled with it.

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

Received the tubs early Tuesday AM – now that’s what I call service – great job on getting them to me so fast as the grass is very poor!

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

My cows are in great shape – and that really says something with this drought because our pasture is not in good shape and feed is poor quality and there are a lot of scraggy looking cattle going to the auction barns right now…agreed – it has cost me these tubs but what sort of shape would they be in without them?

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

I’ve been happy with your product; on a cost-to-feed basis it’s most economical!

Anonymous (Mineral Program)

Never had any problem calving… no cleaning issues… no complaints!

Land Management Testimonials

Farmer – BC (Bale Spears)

Absolutely love your (bale) spears, they are the best quality, out of all the brands I have tried… paid $400 for some but they were done in few days, had other ones where the nuts aren’t made for the thread, other ones where I paid $60 for one and they bend on first use! These Lakeland spears are the best, and work the best!

Lakeland Testimonials

Anonymous – CT

You get what you pay for and more. Price is not everything as Lakeland stands for quality and service. I have no intention to look elsewhere for any future needs…

Cayleen L – Beavercreek, OR

I am very happy with the quality of Lakeland products and have been turning other farmer friends your way. Excellent, exceeds the rest in value and performance!

I will only buy Lakeland moving forward and wish I had discovered you years ago! Thanks for your amazing service, follow up and products.

Much appreciated.

Barbara R – Garland, KS

Just wanted to say “Thank You” to you and your team for the great customer service and professionalism.

We were very impressed with the delivery driver Adolph. He worked with us on a delivery schedule, even though he had to wait a few hours for us to return from work. When our tractor was unable to lift the equipment off the truck due to the height, he patiently waited until our neighbors came to help and at one point even pitched in. We will continue to use Lakeland for our future farm needs.

Rancher – Quebec

Should have done this 30 years ago – you guys are the best people to do business with thank you for your great service


The equipment is phenomenal. I am extremely happy I went with you folks. The equipment is top notch. Also, a huge thank you to the individual who trucked it down as well. He was an extremely professional individual.

The jacket fits like a charm. Thank you very much!!

We will be putting up another sheep barn at the beginning of 2024 and you will definitely on my to call list.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for all of your help, we really appreciate it.

Alexis F – Val-Paradis, QC

Everything is good, we are very happy with your products.

You have the quality we are looking for and when you said ” Free shipping direct to your door” it’s for sure true even if we are not close to you.

Many thanks.

Ian O

I had been talking to Lakeland for a couple months about ordering a working system through them. Once we had decided we were ready for our new system we need it in a hurray. Yesterday at 9 am I had ordered an entire working system.

Crowding tub, Shute, and tipping table for our sheep. I had expressed that we needed this as soon as possible. Jotham said he would do his best to get it to us quickly. By 7 pm the truck was in the yard. And by 9 pm the same day it was set up ready for use. All the pieces and parts there nothing missing. Nothing built wrong it slipped together perfectly. I am nothing less than extremely impressed. I will be recommending them to everyone. Great to deal with helpful, kind and accommodating.

Thank you Lakeland farm and ranch.

Tori – Doniphan, MO

We did get our system! The poor delivery driver was awesome. He had a bit of trouble driving in our mountainous roads but was super great. He was very accommodating to our inability to get his truck into our farm. I know he is just a contractor for your company but unloading was tricky and he had a fantastic upbeat attitude that I really appreciated. The only complaint I have is that I wish I would have know before ordering that the equipment would come on a full semi. We had no way to get his rig into our farm, with better notice we could have set up to meet him at a friends farm. Otherwise, we have no complaints and really appreciate the system!

Thank you

Nolan H – Camrose, AB

Please pass along that I am extremely happy with the salesman, product and service I have received from Lakeland. The truck driver was excellent and I will pass along this information to other farmers in the Camrose area.

Susan – PA

I have never, before, worked with a company that has as accommodating customer service as yours! I have been emailing back and forth with logistics and they have been able to efficiently sort out every situation I had! The sales guy has also been very good – I am very impressed! The only shaky part is that the deliveries are outsourced, but other than that, it has been great!


You guys are amazing! I struggle to get anyone else to ever call back but you guys just keep in touch!

Rancher – North Dakota

The service from The Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct goes above and beyond any company we have ever dealt with. Thank you for such great product and service…

Happy Customer

Thank you so much for the mug! This thing is nice! Best of all it fits in my truck’s cup holder—which seems be a rarity for many travel mugs!

Logan – Caledonia, NS

Your customer service is awesome and delivery was perfect so its thumbs up all round on you guys!