Lakeland can make your winter EASY!

January 8, 2016


Here at Lakeland, we have a soft spot for farmers who have to work hard caring for their livestock during the winter months. Being from the north ourselves, we understand Winter, and we carry a large range of products that can help you keep your farm up and running during this difficult season… contact us today at 1-866-443-7444 to discuss these or any of our products below:

Lakeland Easy Feeders

The efficient design of this cattle & sheep feeder will save you time and money by allowing you to keep a close eye on the amount of feed you give your animals. The Lakeland Easy Feeder comes standard with an epoxy-coated interior and is ready for high salt- and mineral-content feeds. With a 40° to more than 50° bottom cone angle on select models, the Lakeland Easy Feeder is ideal for rolled grain, pellets, and screenings.

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Lakeland Bovine Bucket

– Feeds a large number of livestock a large volume of grain.
– Appeals to livestock operations that feed grain, pellets or prepared rations.
– Distributes grain, pellets or prepared rations with an augering system.
– Auger is supported on a frame above the feed bunk.
– Model is a 20 foot section for ease of adjustment.
– Can be any length desired.
– Eliminates the need to start a tractor.
– Takes a minute and a half to three minutes to feed a herd.
– Is fast and efficient.
– Prepares “feeders” to “finish” without lifting a pail.

Lakeland Snow Attachments

Our snow attachment products are engineered and field tested by our dedicated staff. They bear the cold and scrape their knuckles in real world environments to ensure that when you receive your HLA product, it performs as promised.

On those cold dark nights when the snow won’t stop falling, you can stay in the cab and rest easy because it’s from Lakeland.

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Heated Waterers

Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, a division of Lakeland Group is proud to announce that we now carry the full line of MIRACO energy-free livestock watering systems:

MIRACO are the founding developers of a revolutionary patented livestock watering system. After many years of research, MIRACO perfected a livestock watering system where they were the pioneers in manufacturing automatic livestock waterers from polyethylene materials.

The unique heater system, used in their livestock waterers will ensure that the water doesn’t freeze in the severe cold temperatures of winter (up to – 40 C) and have the added benefit of maintaining a proven OPTIMUM water temperature for your livestock.

Farm management cost efficiencies are paramount in modern day livestock farming operations. The MIRACO livestock watering system has dramatically reduced costs associated with traditional watering systems.

Push and Drive-Over Gates

Make your life easier by utilizing Lakeland’s Push ‘ N ‘ Drive Over Gates. Drive over them in your truck/tractor/4 wheeler. Super Heavy Duty built to last. Available in 6ft, 14ft and 16ft widths.

Wolf Paw Winter Tires

Serious productivity has been lost with skid steer loaders simply due to lack of traction… the power is there, but skid steers can’t get it to the ground! Precious time is wasted spinning wheels rather than working. The answer… WolfPaws!


Width – WolfPaws are 6.6″ – 8.5″ wide compared to most skid steer loader tires at 10″-14″… WolfPaws give you nearly double the ground pressure!
Tread Pattern – The tread pattern on WolfPaw tires are actually designed for snow where as most skid steer tires were never designed for use in snow.
First Use Guarantee – Skeptical? If you are unhappy with the performance of WolfPaws after your first use, return them to Lakeland for a Full Refund!
Do you want the absolute ultimate? Try Wolf Paws with studs!(option) They will simply out-perform anything in winter conditions!

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