Lakeland Easy Feeders

The efficient design of this portable cattle and sheep feeder will save you time and money by allowing you to keep a close eye on the amount of feed you give your animals. The Lakeland Easy Feeder comes standard with an epoxy-coated interior and is ready for high salt- and mineral-content feeds. With a 40° to more than 50° bottom cone angle on select models, the Lakeland Easy Feeder is ideal for rolled grain, pellets, and screenings.

Lakeland Easy Feeders, the rancher’s choice for livestock feeding equipment, can be used in various ways. The standard Easy Feeder is mounted on a skid frame and can easily be hauled in a pickup, both long- and short-box models. With the optional bolt-on trailer kit, it can be pulled with a pickup, tractor, or ATV. A bale deck Easy Feeder model is also available, as well as an optional bolt-on 3-PTH frame. The product thumbnail images below will give detailed product information for each available Easy Feeder model. There are numerous options to choose from, so there should be a combination that fits your needs. We have two types of Easy Feeder products: one that can be carried in the back of a pick-up truck (can carry 45, 70 and even 95 bushels depending on the model), and one that can mount onto a UTV (carrying 15 bushels). There are a host of options and add-ons for our Easy Feeders, all products are detailed below.



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Just to say how pleased I am with the Easy Feeder that I purchased from you earlier this year. Now that both I and the cattle have got used to it, I think I can say that it is the most labour saving piece of equipment that I have ever bought in relation to cattle management. I have a group of 200 steers that I can trough feed in less than a minute.Chris – Western MB

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