Mineral and Animal Health

In today’s livestock industry, any cost-conscious cattleman will agree that if you can maximize digestion and get more mileage out of your feed, you’re lowering input costs. For a ranch that wants top quality, great results and convenience, Lakeland Farm and Ranch Direct has the right mineral products to keep your livestock healthy. 

Lakeland Mineral Program

BREAKING NEWS…The well-known orange tub is available from Lakeland. RIOMAX is now here!

In today’s livestock industry any cost-conscious cattleman will agree that if we can maximize digestion, and get more mileage out of our feed, we’re lowering input costs. For a ranch that wants top quality, great results and convenience…we have great mineral options available!


There are several reasons you may want to consider using our mineral tub program at your ranch. Lakeland Farm & Ranch Direct’s mineral program specializes in cost effective livestock nutrition by offering solutions to livestock producers across Canada. We are all about efficiency – getting more out of your forages. We offer you solutions with protein for cattle using our low cost livestock supplements.

So what is Riomax®?

It’s a highly concentrated, low consumption, max digestion, max nutrition product for livestock that you can use as a tool to navigate your way to better margins.

Riomax® PG360

Riomax® PG360 is a concentrated, low-consumption, all-natural tub designed for year-round use on cattle.


  • Nutrizorb® multi-component digestion package
  • Esqort® 100% protected key trace mineral package
  • Flaxpac™, containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids
  • 100% Q-Sel™ organic selenium 

Some of the results Riomax® PG360 Impact include, but are not limited to: 

  • 3%-10% increase in conception rates
  • Increase of up to 10-40 pounds in weaning weights
  • Forage/hay savings and/or stocking rates of up to 15%-30%
  • A decrease of calf health challenges


PG360 is an ultra concentrated lick tub. This means that there’s a lot packed in every single ounce. This concentration allows animals to meet their requirements with very small amounts of product.

Low Consumption

What’s the importance of low consumption? With low consumption levels like PG360 has, your cost per day is much lower than a higher consumption product. Plus, it’s backed up by our COSTGUARD Consumption Guarantee!

Low Consumption

Riomax® is 100% results driven. We make sure that Riomax® earns its keep or pays it way on your ranch.

More Features

CostGuard - The Risk is off your Shoulders

Every livestock producer is accustomed to the idea of risk, to some degree or another. We recognize this – and have taken steps to completely eliminate the idea of risk from our program.

Every mineral tub comes with the CostGuard consumption control guarantee. By guaranteeing the consumption rate of the mineral tubs, it gives you complete peace-of-mind relating to your feed. It enables you to forecast your actual input costs – and stick to them. If the situation was such that consumption on the lick tubs was higher than the guarantee, we’d provide you with free product to compensate the over consumption.

When you have a supplement program that is guaranteed – you can rest assured!

We take the risk off your shoulders by providing the industry’s most controlled-intake supplement that is backed by our guarantee – costguard ™!

Free Shipping - Direct to your yard! (Subject to quantity)

We are dedicated to making ourselves easy to deal with.  We would love to have your business – but we believe we don’t deserve it unless we earn it.

With our ranch delivery system, we have what it takes to be local anywhere in Canada! Our freight network is efficient and geared to be the essential link between our family operation and our valued customers.

We typically coordinate all our deliveries with freight companies that are local to your province or area, which gives us the edge to support local communities … and at the same time making the Lakeland Mineral Tub Program available to every producer across Canada.

After Sales Service

For the team at Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct … the sale is not the end of the road – it’s the beginning! Our consultants guide you from the introduction of the product to your livestock through to monitoring and managing consumption – simply because we care!

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