New Products for 2016 – Portable Structures, Easy Feeders and MORE!

February 25, 2016
Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, a division of Lakeland Group New Products Catalogue 2016
This year has seen the launch of a lot of new products you might find useful for your operations. Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, a division of Lakeland Group is constantly searching for new and innovative products to bring to market. In some cases, we buy the rights to entire product lines so we can give our customers the maximum benefit of our Farm Direct Delivery service. We thought we would take a few minutes and introduce some of the new things we have on offer this year.

Lakeland Portable Structures

Lakeland Portable Structures are multifunctional storage and used for Agricultural, Industrial, Recreational or construction equipment, inventory or commodities such as hay or feed, special events, manufacturing, maintenance, or a riding arena, these are just a few of the endless possibilities.

We have a comprehensive line of fabric structure solutions to meet your needs. The portable single truss 24’ and 30’ wide structures are a great solution providing up to 65’ in length or more. The fully portable engineered truss line of 38’ and 46’ wide with unlimited lengths. These structures, being fully engineered, portable, with tremendous storage capabilities, are one of the most popular and functional structures in the industry. Finally, engineered truss structure line up has widths from 42’ up to 72’ wide, with unlimited lengths to suit most needs.

Lakeland Easy Feeders

Lakeland Easy Feeders, the rancher’s choice for livestock feeding equipment, can be used in various ways. The standard Eze Feeder is mounted on a skid frame and can easily be hauled in a pickup, both long- and short-box models. With the optional bolt-on trailer kit, it can be pulled with a pickup, tractor, or ATV. A bale deck Easy Feeder model is also available, as well as an optional bolt-on 3-PTH frame. The product thumbnail images below will give detailed product information for each available Easy Feeder model. There are numerous options to choose from, so there should be a combination that fits your needs. We have two types of Easy Feeder products: one that can be carried in the back of a pick-up truck (can carry 45, 70 and even 95 bushels depending on the model), and one that can mount onto a UTV (carrying 15 bushels). There are a host of options and add-ons for our Easy Feeders, all products are detailed below.

Lakeland Calf Tipping Table

  • Adjustable self catch headgate
  • Spins over left or right for easy access
  • Locking points – whichever is best for you – foot pedal on BOTH sides
  • Makes double sided branding possible & easy
  • Fully adjustable to handle calves up to 450lb.
  • Both sides fold in for better, faster clamping
  • 3 drop down inspection gates each side
  • Lower drop down panel both sides for easy access to hooves
  • Lockable rolling door on back end
Lakeland Calf Spin Table New Products 2016
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