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Bale Boss Bale Processor

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The Bale Boss is a square bale processor that combines adaptability with accessibility. The Bale Boss1 for your Skid Steer carries one bale and is ideal for feeding and bedding in tight spots. The Bale Boss 2 is capable of carrying two bales making it ideal for windrowing and processing in fields. Have a big job then get the Bale Boss 4, it’s tilting deck and four bale capacity makes large square processing look easy.

From feeding to bedding, this hydraulically driven processor is ready to take charge.

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The BOSS 1 is a square bale processor that mounts on your skidsteer, tractor loader, or telehandler combining adaptability with accessibility. The BOSS 1 allows you to bed in tight spots that are nearly impossible to get to with a trail behind processor.

The unique loader-mount design allows you to raise the BOSS 1 above gates and pens providing greater control of where the processed bale ends up. The versatility of a loader mounted unit makes operating it easier and more comfortable. Because the BOSS 1 is up front, loading bales is quick; simply Scoop N’ Go.

The BOSS 1 is available in both 10 Series for straw, and the new 20 Series for straw and hay. The 20 Series provides better material management allowing tougher materials to flow through effortlessly whether you’re windrowing, bunk feeding or livestock bedding. Utilizing features such as the removeable folding floor and retainer bars, you can rest easy knowing the new BOSS 1 20 series has you covered.



The aggressive dual top paddle rollers make sure you get a consistent feed of the bale.


This optional beater assists with the processing of 3 x 4 bales.


The Boss 1 has 12 flails to provide consistent processing performance.


The variable position chute allows you to go from bedding, to feeding, to windrowing..


A quick attach makes connections a breeze.


The adjustable hydraulic drive gives you total control of bale prcoessing.


Bale Dimensions (Straw/Hay) 30" x 32" x 84" 30" x 32" x 96"
Bale Capacity 1 1
Minimum Hydraulic Req. 18 GPM / 2,500 PSI 18 GPM / 2,500 PSI
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 1,350 1,400
Machine Dimensions (w/l/h) 102" x 52"x 53" 122" x 52"x 53"
Options 3710 3810
Top Beater Kit (for 3x4 Bales) Optional Optional

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1 review for Bale Boss Bale Processor

  1. Kim P

    Product works well and delivery was easy.

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