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Fence Line Bunk Feeder for Cattle

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Available with 24’’ Wide or 36’’ Wide Trough. Available up to 24ft long–can build to specific lengths

  • Trough has flat bottom with sloped/angled sides
  • 12 3/4’’ spacing between slants when measuring on angle
  • 14’’ spacing between slants when measuring at top & bottom
  • 2’’ x 2’’ square tube frame
  • 1 ¼’’ square tube slanted bars
  • Designed for barn yard or fence line feeding
  • Constructed of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel
  • Eyelets on the end for pinning multiple feeders together
  • Drain holes on trough
  • Powder Coat finish

All Measurements on 24’’W Trough (Product Code: NBF):

  • Height from ground to bottom of bunk: 6’’
  • Height from ground to top of bunk: 18’’
  • Width of bunk bottom: 12’’ Flat Bottom
  • Overall height: 52’’H

All Measurements on 36’’W Trough (Product Code: WBF):

  • Height from ground to bottom of bunk: 6’’
  • Height from ground to top of bunk: 22’’
  • Width of bunk bottom: 20.5’’ Flat Bottom
  • Overall height: 56’’H

5 Benefits for Fenceline Bunk Feeding your Cattle?

  1. Efficient Feeding: With fenceline bunk feeders, you can efficiently deliver feed to your cattle without needing to enter their pen. This saves time and minimizes stress for you & your animals.
  2. Reduced Competition and Waste: By providing individual bunk spaces along the fenceline, each animal has its designated feeding area, reducing competition and minimizing feed wastage. Cattle tend to eat more calmly when they have their space, leading to better digestion and feed conversion.
  3. Easy Monitoring & Herd Management: Fenceline bunk feeders allow for easy monitoring of feed intake and the overall condition of the herd. Since the feeders are positioned along the fenceline, you can quickly observe the cattle while they feed, making it easier to detect any health issues or abnormalities.
  4. Space Optimization: Fenceline bunk feeders can help optimize space utilization within the feeding area. By installing the feeders along the fence, you can make efficient use of the available space and ensure that all animals have access to feed without overcrowding.
  5. Minimized Risk of Injury for You and the cattle: Since fenceline bunk feeders keep cattle separate during feeding, they can help reduce the risk of injuries resulting from aggressive behavior or competition for feed. Each animal can eat at its own pace without being pressured or bullied by others in the herd. You are also kept safe because you are feeding the cattle from outside of their pen.


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Product Reviews

1 review for Fence Line Bunk Feeder for Cattle

  1. B. Peters – BC

    Loving them! Got some old belting and put in the bottom of the trough to stop animals mouths freezing to the steel when below minus 20C!

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