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Lakeland Portable Solar Powered Water Trough


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The Lakeland portable solar water trough is a livestock watering system that utilizes the sun’s power to run the pump. This water trough can be used in any remote area on your ranch or farm.

The Lakeland Solar Powered Water System is a ready to pump solution for your dugout, creek or well. Everything is wired up and ready to go with this system. The wheeled model can easily be towed to a new location in your pasture with a quad or side by side.

  • The solar trough combo comes outfitted with the following:
  • 275 Imp gallon Trough
  • Solar Module
  • Batteries and Battery Box (4 x 6V Batteries Included)
  • Charge Controller
  • Pump (different pumps available per application)
    • Pump Options
      • 340 watt, R24 Pump (Up to 18’ lift)
        If a lower lift, the higher the capacity of pairs on it. For example, 5’ lift – capable of 200 pairs, 10’ lift – capable of 150 pairs, 15’ lift – capable of 100 pairs
      • 340 watt, S25 Pump (Up to 24’ lift)
        If a lower lift, the higher the capacity of pairs on it. For example, 10’ lift – capable of 275 pairs, 15’ lift – capable of 250 pairs, 20’ lift – capable of 200 pairs
  • 100’ Hose
  • Pump Wire

Additional information

Trough Dimensions

42’’W x 16’’D x 120’’L. 10 gauge sheeting

Assembled Dimensions

138’’L x 66’’W x 50’’H without solar mast attached. Solar mast adds another 58’’H.



Pump Options

340 watt, R24 Pump (Up to 18’ lift), 340 watt, S25 Pump (Up to 24’ lift)

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At Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, we want to make life a little easier for our customers. This is why we believe in providing Farm Direct Delivery… and by “farm direct” that’s exactly what we mean.

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No more extended waiting and no more long days of driving and hauling, or multiple trips to pick-up purchases from a dealer.  Our delivery truck will get to you faster and drops off your purchase to your own land.  With Lakeland’s large in-stock and on site inventory, our team can expedite the shipping process, so sit back and relax as we deliver directly to your lot. Save yourself the time, the gas and the headache… let Lakeland take care of it!

Studies prove the benefits of clean water for livestock.

  • CATTLE PREFER CLEAN WATER. Research has shown cattle prefer water that is pumped out of a creek and into a trough. 80% of the time the cattle would walk to the trough for water versus going into the creek which had no fencing along it. They would often walk farther to drink from the trough rather than the creek which offered the same water.
  • HEALTHIER ANIMALS. If you have a dugout your livestock wade all over in it and churn up all the mud and feces on the bottom and then go ahead and drink it all over again. How unhealthy does that seem? Diseases such as foot rot are greatly reduced by keeping your livestock high and dry. Cows will be healthier resulting in higher conception rates and more nutritious milk.
  • FASTER WEIGHT GAIN. Other research has shown that calves with access to clean water versus those that walk in the water they drink, gain 0.5+ lbs/day faster. That’s a huge 75+ lbs extra per 150 day grazing period. You do the math! It’s cash straight into your pocket.
  • SAVE MONEY. With the price of fuel steadily climbing, hauling water or running gas pumps isn’t very attractive.
  • MORE FAMILY TIME. Our systems do not eliminate the need to check your water supply, but they will save you time and on the ranch, there are 100 other things that need to be done.

Return on Investment Payback on the Portable Solar Waterer

Can be paid off in 250 days or less!

  • For example - If 100 calves gain an extra .15 lbs per day for 250 days, that is an extra 37.5 lbs. However, we feel very comfortable saying that cow/calf pairs will pay this off in 250 days.
  • Another point is that the fertility rates rise when the cattle have better water. This is a huge cost saving versus sending cattle to the auction.

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