Lakeland’s Virtual Trade Show

Lakeland’s second annual Virtual Trade Show is under way, as we showcase our most popular cattle, sheep and goat equipment. Featured products include cattle handling favourites like our Easy Catch Squeeze Chute, Alley and Crowding Tub or our sheep and goat equipment like our Easy Klamp, Deluxe Spin Trim Chute, Working Chute and Crowding tub and more!

Watch the videos below and have a listen to our product specialists as they guide you through our most popular equipment. Call, text or email us if you have any questions and don’t forget to ask about our cattle or sheep and goat handling packages.

Cattle Virtual Trade Show

Easy Catch Squeeze Chute

The Easy Catch Squeeze Chute is Lakeland’s flagship cattle handler that makes the job just a little bit easier.

Easy Catch Adjustable Alley

The Lakeland alley sections standard sizes are 17 feet long (AA17-LK) and 8.5 feet long (AA85-LK). They are solid one piece sections that can be easily pinned together to make as long an alley as you want.

Easy Catch Cornerless Crowding Tub

The Lakeland Easy Catch Crowding Tubs come in two sizes – the 8.5ft version which is an overall length of 17ft and the larger 10ft version is 20ft long. They are solid one-piece units that will be delivered to you ready to use.

Lakeland Mineral Program

Lakeland Farm & Ranch Direct’s mineral program specializes in cost effective livestock nutrition by offering solutions to livestock producers across Canada.

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C1000 – Handling Package

C1000-P – Handling Package

C2000 – Handling Package

C3000 – Handling Package

C4000 – Handling Package

Sheep and Goat Virtual Trade Show

Working Chute and Crowding Tub

Every sheep or goat farm needs Lakeland’s Working Chute and Crowding Tub, a premium sheep and goat system that’ll add versatility and efficiency to your operation.

Deluxe Spin Trim Chute

Whether it’s hoof trimming, tagging, banding or de-worming, Lakeland’s Deluxe Spin Trim Chute is a must-have for any sheep or goat rancher, as it makes things easy for you and your ranch.

Three-Way Sorter

Connects to front of race way for easy 3 way sorting of animals

Sheep/Goat Weigh Scale

Easy Aluminum Panels

The Lakeland Easy Panel 8ft long made of aluminum light weight ideal for portable penning of sheep & goats.

Easy Klamp

The Lakeland Easy Klamp manufactured here in North America is your premium sheep & goat handler for a variety of tasks such as dagging/drenching/vaccinating and tagging.

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SG100 – Handling Package

SG200 – Handling Package

SG300 – Handling Package


We used our recently purchased sheep tub/chute/catcher combo yesterday and handled 130 sheep and lambs in a couple of hours; it was fantastic. My wife said, ‘Best farming day ever!’ …We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase…Sheep Farmer

I’m just calling to say I ordered & received the crowding tub and Easy-Catch handling system. I set it up yesterday and just wanted to send you guys a bouquet. It is the first time I have owned one of those handling equipment apparatus’ and I want to tell you it is the best money I’ve spent on the farm and wish I’d done it 10 years ago.

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