Funding Programs OPEN AGAIN in Saskatchewan and Alberta!

April 28, 2016
We’ve just learned that Saskatchewan and Alberta have re-opened several of their agricultural producer funding programs, so we thought we’d give you the low down…


Livestock Traceability Rebate Program

The Saskatchewan Livestock Traceability Rebate provides funding for livestock handlers to adopt traceability technologies.

Eligible activities include:

  • the purchase or lease of new hand-held readers,
  • panel readers (including ultra-rugged reading and tracking devices),
  • traceability software; and
  • traceability equipment training.


  • 70 percent rebate, to a maximum rebate of $50,000 per proponent for all eligible items

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AB Food Safety Systems Producer Program

70% funding up to $5000 for squeeze chutes, neck extenders and scales/software

Helping you to invest in equipment and tracking systems to improve on-farm food safety practices

Note: Any beef producer who is interested in this funding for cattle squeeze chutes, individual animal weigh scales, or animal health software programs must be enrolled (having attended a workshop or completed the online training) in the OFFS (On Farm Food Safety) Program prior to making application, in order to be eligible for this funding.

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Animal Welfare Producer Program

50% Funding up to $50,000 for handling facilities

Program runs out fast, so apply today!

The Program is currently accepting Applications.

Please carefully review the Program documents. One change of note is that the Eligible Activities may not be cost shared with any other Program Applicant.

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