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January 25, 2016

When we say we ship farm equipment anywhere on the planet, we really do mean ANYWHERE. Here are a few stories behind some of the far-reaching places we’ve shipped to over the years, and some more information about our shipping services.


We met a rancher from Alberta who wanted to move his cattle operation all the way to Zimbabwe. He needed a handling system for the new operation and turned to us to help get it sent there and set up. Here is a shot of some of the equipment we got to him once he got there!


Pat Harvie from Bering Pacific Ranches contacted us with a bold plan: he wanted to start an organic beef ranch off of the coast of Alaska. As he was starting from scratch, we started off supplying entire container loads of fence panels to these guys, as well as several squeeze chutes. They round up cattle with helicopters (!!) and use our panels & squeezes extensively. Last year they bought hundreds of more corral panels and a Lakeland hydraulic squeeze & mounted it in a shipping container complete with hydraulics hooked up to the doors so they can open it all up in nice weather & shut it down & work inside when it’s cold. Never heard of this ranch?

“Bering Pacific Ranches’ approximately 7,000 cattle consists of a cow base of about 2,500 breeding cows and heifers and plenty of bulls to keep them bred. The balance of the herd is made up of market cattle, both slaughter and feeder animals, ranging in age from calves and yearlings to mature cull bulls and cows. This strong herd of cattle is strengthened through natural selection and none of these animals has ever received any hormones or inoculations. They are completely isolated from husbandry propagated diseases and have never eaten the protein feeds that caused mad cow disease in other parts of the world.

Due to the forage and water on the island, the organic beef also shows omega-3 fatty acid levels of more than six times the omega-3 of 95-percent lean beef. As a result, Alaska Organic Beef is one of the few raw meat products with USDA-approved “excellent source of” claim for several nutrients and omega-3 nutritional claims. The beef also has almost seven times the amount of calcium, 1.5 times the amount of iron and twice the amount of unsaturated fats compared with typical 95-percent lean beef.”

See footage of their helicopter hearding technique here:


Whenever you order from Lakeland, no matter where you are, shipping is always FREE, right to your yard! We call this the Lakeland Farm Direct Advantage.


At Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, a division of Lakeland Group, we want to make life a little easier for our customers. This is why we believe in providing Farm Direct Delivery… and by “farm direct” that’s exactly what we mean.

…received delivery last week – on time, unscathed, & a good driver – that means a lot – thanks!” – AB

No more extended waiting and no more long days of driving and hauling, or multiple trips to pick-up purchases from a dealer. Our delivery truck will get to you faster and drops off your purchase to your own land. With Lakeland’s large in-stock and on-site inventory, our team can expedite the shipping process, so sit back and relax as we deliver directly to your lot. Save yourself the time, the gas and the headache… let Lakeland take care of it!


We understand that our customers like to see our products in action before making a purchase decision. Lakeland is centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but we know that visiting our location for a product trial is not always an option for many of our customers. This is why we have created ‘Lakeland Consumer Connect’. Lakeland has built a database of thousands of fellow customers that live right in your area. When you are considering a purchase, we will happily connect you to your nearest neighbour with that particular product to set-up a product demo visit. Customers appreciate seeing our products in action on an actual working farm and also like hearing first-hand how a fellow producer is enjoying the product.

Lakeland Consumer Connect helps you make the right purchase decision for your operation!

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