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Sheep & Goat Weigh Scale with ANALOG Scalehead

(16 customer reviews)



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Elevate Livestock Management with the Sheep & Goat Weigh Scale

Upgrade your sheep and goat management with the Sheep & Goat Weigh Scale. This accurate and user-friendly weighing solution ensures precise measurements, making informed decisions about nutrition, health, and breeding programs. With its durability, portability, and advanced data management features, this scale is a must-have for efficient livestock management.

Key Features:

  • Accurate weighing for informed decision-making
  • User-friendly design with easy-to-read displays
  • Durable construction for reliable performance
  • Portable and versatile for on-the-go weighing
  • Advanced data management for streamlined record-keeping

Optimize your livestock management with the Sheep & Goat Weigh Scale. Order now from Lakeland Farm and Ranch for accurate measurements and improved decision-making. Contact us for inquiries and assistance.


Sheep and Goat Weigh Scale

  • Both doors open from same end
  • Shorter wheelbase for easier maneuverability
  • Capacity to 440 lbs.
  • Also ideal for weighing hogs
  • Solid wheels & slatted floor
  • Solid sides so animals can’t see outside the side of the crate – really improves flow
  • Comes standard with analog dial scale head 
  • Can upgrade other features (Ex. Digital Scale display, Self-Catch Headgate) 
  • Includes Brace Bars
  • Folding Stop Gate
  • Removable Wheels

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 52″L x 28″W x 56″H
Internal Dimensions: (LxWxH) 48”L x 16”W x 29”H
Weight: 195lbs 


PN-440– Sheep/Goat Weigh Scale with ANALOG Scalehead (Standard Unit)

PN-440D– Sheep/Goat Weigh Scale with DIGITAL Scalehead (Same features as PN-440)

PN-440H– Sheep/Goat Weigh Scale with ANALOG Scalehead & HEADGATE

PN-440HD– Sheep/Goat Weigh Scale with DIGITAL Scalehead & HEADGATE

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Product Reviews

16 reviews for Sheep & Goat Weigh Scale with ANALOG Scalehead

  1. Bryony L – Nova Scotia

    The PN440 is fantastic. Customer service is awesome and delivery was perfect so its thumbs up all round on you guys!

  2. Brenon @ Colorado

    Love this thing – works really well

  3. Candi – Ontario

    Excellent – love it – works exactly how it should!

  4. Logan – NS

    fantastic – great tool for health assessment and not having to over-medicate!

  5. Melissa F

    I have several pieces of Lakeland equipment, but I think this weigh scale is probably my favorite. I find it hard to judge weight and found I was losing money by not knowing what my animals weighed. With this, I was weighing lambs frequently, adjusting feed and/or sorting groups as needed and making sure I was selling market lambs at my desired weight. Also, it made choosing my replacement ewe lambs a snap, by comparing average daily gains. A simple piece of equipment, well worth the investment! Also, its easy to use and move around.

  6. Roman G – Ontario

    everything is awesome with this – thank you!

  7. Talon Peterson – Firth ID

    put it to good use – definitely happy with it- works very well

  8. Nancy M – IA

    Working out fine – love it

  9. Happy customer-Caroline, AB

    Received delivery all good of my scale, driver was awesome!–the scale though exceeded my expectations and is fantastic!

  10. Blayne S – AB

    I received the scale and am very pleased with the quality. Better than expected that’s for sure!

  11. Very happy customer-USA

    I purchased the spin chute and weigh scale and have used both to run my 80 ewes and 100 lambs through! These are both lifesavers! i plan on purchasing the crowd tub/alley system next year.

  12. Jarrod – OH

    Works pretty good – can’t complain!

  13. Evan – Calmar AB

    Works real good

  14. Duane M – SK

    Very happy with it – works well

  15. Leith M. – Naples, NY

    The scale is built very well and your guys service is just the best!

  16. Janice C.

    I have enjoyed every piece of equipment I have ordered from Lakeland, they are durable and functional and the customer service is second to none. I have a sheep portable handling facility ordered, looking forward to playing with my new toy for 2017!

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