Upgrade Your Stable with Customized Horse Stalls

February 6, 2024

In the heart of every stable lies a unique vision, a distinctive layout, and an individualized approach to operations. At Lakeland Farm and Ranch Direct, we understand these personalized needs, recognizing that no two stables are the same. We specialize in providing customized horse stalls that not only align with the individuality of your barn but also enhance your daily operations.

Size and style are important aspects of any horse stall, and we know that these elements should be dictated by you. Recognizing the importance of personalized design, we also offer a wide range of colour customization, allowing our clients to tailor the stalls to their preferences. Our team works closely with you to understand the dimensions and design that align with your barn. We take pride in creating stalls that not only fit your space but also contribute to the overall functionality, making your daily routines easier.

Our commitment to customization is showcased in all our horse stall products. Take, for instance, our 12ft Diamond Bar Horse Stall Fronts. These stall fronts come standard with a 4ft Roll Door, and you can add options like a Drop-Down Door, a V-Opening, or a Feed Swing to meet your specific needs. These stalls are completely reversible for right or left-hand door opening, riding on a steel track with aluminum trollies and sealed bearings for extra smooth handling. Powder-coated in a standard black colour, they provide a sleek finish, allowing your stalls to become a focal point of your barn.

Understanding the diverse challenges our clients face is at the core of our approach, and we have a long history of customizing our stalls to individualized requests. One recent client came to us with a unique concern regarding the side of their horse stalls. Their specific need involved privacy paneling to prevent horses from bothering each other during meals. At the client’s request, Lakeland supplied them with specialized “privacy” stall dividers. These dividers featured a unique design, incorporating a designated “privacy area” on the top half, ensuring a calm and stress-free feeding experience for every equine resident.

We showcased our dedication to tailored size and design when a client, facing varying dimensions between the wood beams in their stable, had initially planned to build the stall dividers independently. When they discovered Lakeland could custom build each stall front and divider to fit the available space between the beams, it became the superior option – easy to install, meeting their unique needs.

Our commitment to customization lies at the core of our craftsmanship. We recognize the diverse challenges our clients face, and it is our mission to transform those challenges into personalized solutions. Whether it’s privacy features, colour preferences, or other personalized modifications, we go the extra mile to ensure your horse stalls not only meet but exceed your expectations and work exactly how you need them to.

When it comes to enhancing your stables, trust Lakeland Farm and Ranch Direct to deliver not just horse stalls but personalized solutions that reflect your vision, improve your operations, and provide comfort for your horses.

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