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Working Chute and Crowding Tub

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Discover the Versatile and Efficient Working Chute and Crowding Tub for Sheep/Goat Handling

Simplify and enhance your sheep and goat handling operations with our top-of-the-line Working Chute and Crowding Tub. Built for safety, versatility, and ease of use, our equipment simplifies the handling process and improves efficiency on your farm or ranch. No one knows your farm better than you, that’s why we made our equipment easily adjustable so your vision can come together exactly as you want it to. Fully customizable to fit the needs of your ranch, this system comes as a complete package that includes a crowding tub, a 16-foot alley, an anti-back-up gate, and a guillotine drop gate.

Key Features:

  • Superior design ensures safe and effective handling
  • Versatile functionality for sorting, vaccinating, and more
  • Streamlined flow reduces handling time and minimizes stress
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Enhances handler safety and efficiency

Upgrade your sheep and goat handling system today. Order the Working Chute and Crowding Tub for efficient and effective handling. Contact us for any questions or assistance.


Metal Sheeting Sides available on the Alley Panels if required
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Question: What all is included in the Lakeland WCCT-DX Crowding Tub and Chute Handling System?

Answer: The package consists of the 5ft diameter (10ft long) crowding tub, 2 x 8ft alley sections (total 16ft), a guillotine gate, alley support and anti-back up alley stop.


Question: Is the alley adjustable to stop smaller sheep and goats turning around?

Answer: Yes – the sides can be narrowed on the bottom to help this


Question: How high are the sides of the alley?

Answer: The height is 40” high with drop down top bars which lowers to 32” high for running lambs or smaller animals


Question: Can it be used for calves?

Answer: The system gas been designed specifically for sheep and goats. However, some producers have found it very beneficial for running calves. You need to keep in mind size and temperament of calves as the sides are only 40” high…!


Question: What are the sides made of?

Answer: The traditional steel ‘tin’ sides have now been upgraded to a heavy-duty puck board plastic which makes for added durability and no corrosion. It is also quieter cutting down on the clanging of steel sheeting. The crowding tub portion is still sheeted in steel.


Question: Can the crowding tub be reversed?

Answer: Yes – the system can be configured either way. The crowding door is a revolving design which passes through its own hinge area ready to take in the next load.


Question: What is the piece of formed white plastic puck board in the crowding tub?

Answer: That is a curve to form the crowding tub into a ‘bugle’ design. Animal behaviour research has shown that sheep flow easier around a bugle curve than a sharp right angle turn. This piece of puck board helps with that.

Part # Description

WSP-DX 8′ Panel, Height 40″
WCT-DX 5′ Radius Crowding Tub, Height 40″, Sliding Swing Gate
WCTE-DX New Tub end with revolving door

WUS Alley Support
 Anti-Backup Gate
WGG Guillotine Gate

The chute width is 18” when the sides are straight, but can be narrowed to 10” at bottom for your smaller lambs. The chute has 40″-high sides and can drop down to 32″ for running lambs. Above parts are made with 1” x 1” tube frames and 24” high thick poly plastic sides.

Click Here to Download Assembly Instructions


The Versatility of the Working Chute and Crowding Tub

The crowding tub itself is reversable. No matter what your farm layout looks like, you can set it up to attach to the alleyway from either side.

The swing-and-slide crowding gate swings around very easily, crowding your animals into the tub and alley. Attached to the crowding gate is a sliding bar that moves in and out, which helps prevent your sheep or goat from trying to back out of the tub.

As you crowd your animals into the tub, and they have moved into the alleyway, you can easily reverse slide the swing-and-slide crowding gate outward and start crowding the rest of your flock.

In the crowding tub itself, we have outfitted the center with a quarter-inch curved puck board, which prevents your animals from getting stuck in a corner, funneling all of them toward the alleyway.

Anywhere on the alleyway, you can bolt an anti-backup gate on either side. As your sheep or goat pushes past the gate, it springs back behind them, so they can’t back up.

The 16-foot alleyway is split up into two eight-foot sections with puck board panels on each side. Each panel has a drop bar on top, which you can drop if you need to work on and have easier access to some of your smaller animals in the alleyway. Just like the crowding tub, the alleyway has the same quarter-inch puck board, which can take a beating but is extremely durable.

That being said, Lakeland knows every farm is different, and every farm has different needs. Our Working Chute and Crowding Tub’s unique design allows all sections of the chute to be interchanged. The length of the chute can be extended simply by adding more sections. Guillotines and anti-backups can be inserted anywhere along the chute. This versatile design allows the unit to adapt quickly and efficiently to your operation.

Depending on the size of your animal, you may want to taper the panels to be more narrow or wider at the bottom. This way it makes it harder for some of your smaller animals to get turned around within the alley, while still allowing your bigger rams and ewes to comfortably walk through.

The guillotine drop gate can be attached to the front, middle, or back of the alleyway. It’s a simple pulley system that smoothly moves the drop gate up and down, separating your flock for whenever you need to isolate your animals.

At the front of the unit, you can attach many different Lakeland products, whether it’s the 3-Way Sorter, a weigh scale, an Easy Klamp, or our farm-favorite Deluxe Spin Trim Chute. Its versatility knows no bounds, as some ranchers even like using the Working Chute and Crowding Tub for their smaller calves as well.

It’s an easy system to set up. With a helping hand or two, it takes virtually no time to get it up and running.


Three Reasons for Puck Board Poly Sides on our Alleyways

  1. Puck board reduces the noise level that you’d normally get with the crashing and banging of steel sides. Since we changed to puck board sides, the whole operation has really quieted down, which has hugely approved the flow of the animals.
  2. It is moisture resistant and can take a beating without cracking or breaking even in freezing temperatures.
  3. It is lightweight, so it’s easier for one person to pick up and move around.

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Product Reviews

19 reviews for Working Chute and Crowding Tub

  1. Jordan R-TX

    I am very thankful for your whole system and how easy it is to move around. Made working the sheep so much easier!

  2. Jackson – OH

    I really like the working system. Works well

  3. Kristina Lutt – Georgia

    works great and we love it – animals a little skittish at first with it but they’ll get usd to it

  4. Julie K. – Bayard, NE

    I have the Working Chute & Crowding Tub package and some of the aluminum Easy panels. It works great! I worked over 200 sheep with my dog in 15 minutes.

  5. Tim T – Kentucky

    Works great! We love it!

  6. Robin Elliott-Gaffney, SC

    This little girl handles treatments by herself. 100 head of sheep. She’s down to 2.5 minutes per head. Vacc, 3 wormers, feet trimmed, FAMACHA check, antibiotics etc…it’s a dream machine. Love this system so very much.

  7. JK – Bakersfield CA

    works really well – great system and super easy

  8. Nikki F – MT

    we love it! I have a small flock of mid-sized sheep and dwarf goats and it works like a charm to catch them because it narrows down. Usually its a rodeo to catch my buck but this makes it a breeze with no stress. Worth every penny!

  9. Matt, Mississippi

    So far all is flawless. I have some tweaking to do but overall I set it up in 20 minutes alone if you don’t count moving everything to the paddock and it’s simple to use. Highly satisfied with everything. I’ve had a few people come look already…

  10. Abe F. – Clanwilliam, MB

    It works great! I run the sheep by myself and I am not sure how I did it all before I got this system. I can’t do without it now.

  11. Tim A-SK

    This system works very well for my small calves (100lb-200lb)! We’ve probably ran about 350 head through now and works great!

  12. Peter E Ganter

    We have been very happy with the time savings and safety that our crowding tub gives us.

  13. Anonymous-Fox Valley, SK

    This system works 100% for my small calves (100-250lbs)! used it 3-4 times already and works perfect! Thanks again.

  14. Chris A – AB

    Just checked out the equipment….. it’s like Christmas in May!!!!! Thanks again for making things so easy! I gotta check out your cattle handling equipment now

  15. Troy N. – Nokomis, SK

    I absolutely love the handling system we got from you last fall! Works great!

  16. Norene – BC

    Sorting today – working really well – we love it!

  17. Jen L McBride, BC

    I  love my sheep chute system. I use it all the time.

  18. James G.

    The sheep handling equipment from Lakeland is a great time and back saver.

  19. Terry D.

    I’m quite happy overall. A couple issues, but Ross has made sure that he gets me what I need promptly.

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